Ziggler Touts on Tonight’s Live Event, WWE Polls Fans on RAW Moments


– Dolph Ziggler posted a Tout video to hype tonight’s WWE live event in Chicago:

– WWE’s website has a new article up asking fans what their favorite RAW moment of 2013 was – Dolph Ziggler cashing in, Cody Rhodes and Goldust winning the titles, The Shield and The Wyatt Family brawling, Team Hell No graduating from Anger Management, Mark Henry’s fake retirement, AJ Lee’s pipe bomb, Triple H and Brock Lesnar brawling, the fight during the Championship Ascension Ceremony, Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro or The Undertaker teaming with Team Hell No.

With almost 3,000 votes cast, there is a four-way tie between Ziggler cashing in, The Shield and The Wyatts brawling, Triple H and Lesnar’s brawl and The Undertaker teaming with Team Hell No. Cody Rhodes and Goldust winning the tag titles is close at 11%.

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