10/13 IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review: Kylie Rae vs Kimber Lee, The Bridge On The River TNA


Welcome to our coverage of the penultimate edition of IMPACT Wrestling before Bound for Glory. There are several big preview matches on this show, plus a heavy build towards the recently announced Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, and IMPACT World Champion Eric Young finds out the status of challenger Rich Swann after last week’s brutal beatdown. Click on the toggle boxes for an optional review of the show provided by Mike Killam. 

OCTOBER 13, 2020

IMPACT opened with Moose screaming at the top of his lungs at Scott D’Amore. He was livid over being booked in a match at an “undisclosed location” against EC3. D’Amore is dealing with way too much chaos and doesn’t have time for Moose’s delusions. “So let me get his straight, you have a match at a pretend location, against a guy who doesn’t work here, for a title that doesn’t exist?” Moose stormed out, but a projection of EC3 told him to meet him at “the river” to control his narrative, and get back his title.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Taya drew the short straw and played the whipping girl early on, first getting double-teamed by Havok and Nevaeh, followed by Hogan and Steelz. The later were cackling like hyenas in the corner the whole time, mocking all of their opponents. When Hogan tagged in, she ran circles in the ring annoying everyone, before dropkicking Taya in the corner.

Rosemary eventually got the hot tag and gave Kiera exploder suplexes. Hogan went looking for help, but karma bit her on the ass as the others ignored her. Nevaeh bullied her a bit until Steelz made the save and dropped her with a straight-jacket neckbreaker, and a bit later a nasty face plant that Tasha sold like a million bucks.

Things broke down with Hogan diving through the ropes, taking out a few people. Taya shotgun dropkicked Nevaeah to the floor with everyone else, and climbed the ropes for a huge dive. It might have been the angle, but I’m pretty sure she went right through four people and smashed her face against the ground. Back in the ring, Rosemary speared the holy hell out of Steelz, hit the double underhook DDT, and scored the win.

Winners: Rosemary & Taya

A good opening match and a showcase for all six women, who have been fighting each other in variations for several weeks, and seem to be getting better together each time. It really picked up in the last few minutes. 

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan stole the show here, showing so much personality. If The IIconics are/were the obnoxious geese from Disney’s Aristocats, IMPACT’s duo are the cackling hyenas from Lion King. I’m starting to appreciate that IMPACT didn’t break up Taya and Rosemary right away, as they’re a lot of fun together. They’re also two of the better wrestlers in the division.

Some of Nevaeh’s early offense was a bit clumsy, albeit unique, but I do think she’s improving. There are times where she’s a bit slow to get to the next sequence, and you can see the wheels turning. Enough consistent ring time, which she’s been getting, with great women to work with, which IMPACT has, will fix that. I’ve enjoyed her being back on IMPACT.


Earlier in the week, IMPACT ran a video on Twitter where Fallah Bahh snuck into the showers and stole the wad of money that has been trading hands for… months, maybe? Somehow no one has spent the money yet.

A miscellaneous group of people from Wrestle House argued over how they were going to pay for John E. Bravo and Rosemary’s wedding, and everything that goes along with it. Fallah showed up and pretended he had no idea about the money, getting into an argument with Crazzy Steve. Cousin Jake (Something) tried to get a dance party started a few times but kept getting shot down, which was actually funny.


Rosemary asked Havok about bringing back Father James Mitchell in order to minister her wedding. He’s stuck in some kind of alternate dimension/timeline. Rosemary said something about the entire future of the multiverse depending on the wedding happening. They agreed to fight in the ring next week. If Havok wins they stop talking about it and Rosemary has to leave her alone, but if she loses she has to bring back Mitchell.

Fallah Bahh vs. Crazzy Steve

The bulk of this short match was spent with Fallah trying to hide the wad of cash he clearly had hidden under his shirt, while Steve tried to get at it. He eventually put the big man in a sleeper hold, until Bahh rammed them both into the corner to break it up. Steve ripped Fallah’s shirt off to reveal the money hanging from a chain around his neck, and used the distraction to roll him up for a three-count.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

The Wad of Money storyline has been going on so long that it’s sort of like the WWE 24/7 title. You just hope the segment is going to be funny enough. This one was funny enough. I’m a big Fallah Bahh fan, so any time he gets to show off his personality I’m in. The Wad of Money storyline has now crossed over into the Wrestle House/Wedding Party storyline, which is bleeding into other aspects of the show, for better or for worse. I can only assume that means a lot of the chaos will blow off in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.


Rhino has worked out a deal where both he and Heath will compete in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory, and if either of them win, Heath will get the contract that he asked management for last week. The catch is, if neither of them win, there will be no more opportunities and he must stop trying to get signed. What Rhino did not tell his partner is that he put his own career on the line, so if neither of them win the match both of them will be gone from IMPACT for good.

I’ll admit I wasn’t really into this at the start, but it’s growing on me. You can only tell me that Heath isn’t worth signing so many times, week after week, before I start believing you. But the celebrity Cameo appearances and now the foil with Rhino putting his career on the line is good stuff.

10-Person Tag Team Match
Brian Myers & Tommy Dreamer & Tenille Dashwood & Johnny Swinger & Cody Deaner vs. Hernandez & Cousin Jake & Alisha Edwards & Rhino & Heath

Heath kept trying to lock up with Johnny Swinger, who wouldn’t stop posing and doing squats. He tagged in Tenille, who looked deeply offended that she was being forced to work. Alisha came in and got taken down by an immediately aggressive Tenille, who hit a few moves, put a beating on Alisha, and then tagged out to take selfies outside the ring.

Alisha didn’t know which Deaner was which. She then tagged in Hernandez and called him “Horrendous”, who took one look at Deaner doing square-dancing in the ring, and tagged back out. Big nope. The Deaners did “ECW” chants for Rhino, then for Dreamer, until Jake leveled the later with a series of clotheslines. Cody lectured his cousin about cheating.

Hernandez eventually got involved and punched out everyone except Tenille, who was checking out Kaleb with a K’s photos. Dreamer and Myers got into a fight when Myers refused to tag in and Dreamer brought him over the ropes the hard way. They fought up the ramp while Heath came in and cleaned house, pinning Swinger with the Wakeup Call.

Winners: Heath & Rhino & Alisha Edwards & Hernandez & Cousin Jake

This was more of a Wrestle House comedy segment than a wrestling match. There was a new gag every two moves, or less. Some were funny, some were bad, many were overkill – but that’s kind of a loose review of the entire Wrestle House squad since the week after Slammiversary. It’s been long enough that if IMPACT management were being objective and honest with themselves, they’d have weeded out the cringe-worthy stuff by this point.

On one hand I’m glad this episode has furthered the gauntlet in a lot of ways. On the other hand, I would have left all the Wrestle House/Wedding Party comedy guys and girls away from Tenille, Myers, Rhino and Heath who, quite frankly, should be above this stuff heading into the biggest PPV of the year. I’m also not the prime target for this kind of stuff. I like my wrestling with a lot more wrestling


Sami Callihan approached Eddie Edwards and started mocking him. Eddie almost immediately started swinging and the two fought briefly until Ken Shamrock blindsided him and put him in the ankle lock. Callihan filmed it with his phone while Eddie screamed in pain.

Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Kylie Rae

Kimber Lee backed her opponent to the corner with stiff forearms, but this week Kylie wasted zero time in getting mad and more aggressive than we’ve ever seen. She fired back with forearms, a low dropkick and chased Kim to the floor, starring down Deonna. She hit a series of uppercuts on the apron, tried for a running rana, but Kim caught her with a sick powerbomb into the edge of the ring.

Kim dominated for several minutes, going after the hair and driving knees into the head, before stomping a mudhole in the corner. She stalked Kylie around the ring with knife-edge chops, dragging her face across the ropes. Kylie surprised her with stiff forearms and a springboard armdrag, but Kim got in the ropes and forced the ref to do his job, using the distraction to clobber her opponent and take the control back.

Kylie tried to come back but was too exhausted to follow up each time. Finally she exploded out of the corner with a back elbow, rolling into the Kylie Special. Cannonball in the corner for two. Smiley Kylie started screaming in frustration, losing control, and paid for it by running into a massive sit-down powerbomb for two-and-a-half. The “THIS IS AWESOME!” chants would have started here if IMPACT had crowds. Deonna got on the apron, but Kylie scouted a pin attempt and put Kim in the crossface for the submission.

Winner: Kylie Rae

Kylie refused to break the submission after the match, until Deonna Purrazzo rushed the ring. She saw it coming and nearly put the champion in the crossface as well. Deonna bailed and held up the Knockouts title on the ramp.

This was the best thing on the show by miles. Maybe the best non-PPV match from the Knockouts division in months. I’d pay to see them run it back on a pay-per-view with 20 minutes on the clock and some bigger stakes.

I love that IMPACT is showing that Kylie does indeed have a breaking point, and it takes seriously messing up her friends to bring it out of her. Commentary also did a great job adding that the extra intensity wasn’t always to her benefit, as she often lost her cool and Kimber Lee was able to take advantage. Adding the seasoning to a perfectly cooked steak. They’ve built Kylie in a short time as somehow being even more of a threat to Deonna than Jordynne Grace was, and that’s saying something

Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs. Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) 

Within about a minute this broke down into a brawl on the floor, and the referee called for a double countout. After a commercial they were still fighting on the other side of the barricade, and it was announced that management had restarted the match with No DQs and No Countouts.

Gallows got dumped back over the barricade, but got ahold of a steel chair and blasted Fulton in the gut. He cracked open a beer and smacked him in the face with it, before going back to work with the steel chair. Somehow during the break they had gotten like 20 weapons out around ringside. Fulton later wedged a chair in the corner, and of course got sent running head-first through it. Gallows won with a double-handed chokebomb through two chairs, bending them awkwardly.

Winner: Doc Gallows

In general the recent chaos in the IMPACT tag team division has led to some great matches and good segments. Madman Fulton is among the most improved wrestlers of the year. This… unfortunately didn’t do much for me. Some of the spots were cool, because they’re two big monsters, but I don’t think it moved the goal posts as much as other segments in recent weeks. 

In The Ring

IMPACT World Champion Eric Young came out and complained that it’s less than two weeks before Bound for Glory and a decision still hadn’t been made about his main event match. He trashed Rich Swann and said he warned him, and did him a favor by taking him out of action again.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore was shown waiting frantically, before getting a phone call and eventually making his way out to the ring. EY berated him for several minutes until D’Amore snapped. He wanted to know what happened to the kid from Ontario, and the Eric Young from their days in Team Canada, then announced that Swann was hurt… but not too hurt to compete at Bound for Glory.

Young snapped and beat the hell out of D’Amore, kicking him dozens of times in the corner. Rich Swann ran down, ducked a clothesline and dropped the champion with a Lethal Injection. EY managed to escape up the ramp, but Swann held on to the world title and raised it high.

A Random Bridge Somewhere Unexplained

We cut to Moose arriving at a bridge in the middle of the night. EC3 was shown standing on the bridge holding the TNA World Heavyweight title. The two talked trash as Moose got closer and took of his clothes, which hilariously included his pants for some reason. EC3 said there was nothing original about him, and that he was just a collection of a bunch of different people that he idolized, while Moose promised to beat him to death.

EC3 laid the title down between them and challenged the big man to “cross the line” – the old TNA slogan. They fought back and forth until EC3 got the upper hand and bashed his head into the railing of the bridge. He mocked Moose, saying he was supposed to get the fight of his life but what he got was pathetic. Moose fought back and started punching him (off screen) over and over again until his fists were covered in blood. The show ended with Moose taking back the title and walking away, as EC3 laughed maniacally, covered in his own blood.

Overall this was an above average IMPACT that felt quite a bit like a go-home show, which should make next week very interesting. The two biggest title programs – Eric Young/Rich Swann and Deonna Purrazzo/Kylie Rae – reached their hottest points yet in the best two segments of the episode. For those on the fence about buying Bound for Glory, this likely went a long way in changing some minds. 

In terms of in-ring content, there were really only two stand-out matches, but they were both from the Knockouts division. Kimber Lee and Kylie Rae stole the show with a pay-per-view level performance.

The good news is that while the chaotic 10-person tag was almost entirely comedy, and not always good comedy if we’re being honest, and the Fallah Bahh/Crazy Steve and Doc Gallows/Madman Fulton matches were largely skippable, everything felt like it was at least building to something bigger at Bound for Glory. 

Next week the tag team division will get a lot more focus with The North vs. The Good Brothers in a likely main event, hopefully filling in the gaps on this show. And, whether or not you’re into all the different elements that will make up the bout, the Call Your Shot Gauntlet got a big shot in the arm just days after being announced, and now has some interesting angles going into it.