TIGER KING: 10 Wrestlers Who Could Benefit From A ‘Joe Exotic’ Gimmick

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10. MV Young

Much like Joe Exotic, MV Young is already running a polyamorous cult (though Young seems to be far more respectful to his partners than the crazed Tiger King), and has the two-toned hair to match. Young also has Joe Exotic’s penchant for self-promoting, recently raising money for independent artists by staging an at-home Go-Go set.

In fact, a bit of Joe Exotic wouldn’t even change MV Young, as much as it would amplify his already colorful character. He wouldn’t need to exploit animals to channel Joe. He wouldn’t even need to adopt a southern drawl. All Young would need is some sequined shirts and let his two-toned hair grow.

He already shares Joe Exotic’s general “Let people be who they want to be, or else I’ll kick your ass” ethos. All he’s missing is a bit of a tan or an ill-advised facial piercing.

9. Session Moth Martina

If there was ever a wrestler that could logically have a bevy of husbands, it’s the Session Moth. While her leopard print attire might make her a dead ringer for Joe Exotic’s arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, Martina is a Tiger King through and through.

Imagine Martina running through the Women of Honor division, kicking ass, crushing cans, and talking about all of her husbands that died under suspicious circumstances.

Also Martina is the only wrestler on this list that would ask a very Joe Exotic-like question, “Is it bants to grind on a tiger?”


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