TIGER KING: 10 Wrestlers Who Could Benefit From A ‘Joe Exotic’ Gimmick

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8. Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore possesses the most important Joe Exotic trait. He will pretty much do anything for attention. Considering his post-WWE career has included jumping the barricade at Madison Square Garden, getting into a fight at a blink-182 concert, and getting blackballed from every conceivable televised promotion, it feels entirely in Amore’s wheelhouse to start aping Joe Exotic’s schtick.

Honestly, Enzo is the only wrestler on this list that I believe would hire the guns & ammo manager of a Wal-Mart to run his presidential campaign. Also much like Joe Exotic, Amore’s music career is rife with cringe music videos and songs that were written for an audience of one. By embracing the character of Joe Exotic, Amore could give his brand the refresh that it desperately needs.

It’s entirely possible that Enzo is too busy being Enzo, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to maybe try to be somebody else for a while.

7. Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher’s recent tattoos feel like a cry for attention. Suddenly looking like a 19th-century scrimshaw that wants to be Conor McGregor, Gallagher is a man desperately in need of a character. No longer a Gentleman, he should be an animal.

A simple story could be told, in which Gallagher, removed from his native England and living in the harsh Florida swamp, has adapted to life in America by becoming a gun-toting, big cat-owning libertarian.

Pull Jack Swagger’s “Patriot” theme out of storage, and his “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag, and let Gallagher rant about Big Government and Cryptocurrency. Actually, scrap the “big cat-owning” part and let “Sovereign Citizen” Jack Gallagher own some snakes.

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