15 WWE Superstars Who Should Win Money In The Bank

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Photo Credit: WWE YouTube.com


I have a feeling that looking back a year from now, Liv Morgan will have dramatically benefited from the Superstar Shake-Up. The Riott Squad has been a great act that has provided a tremendous opportunity for all three women to introduce themselves to the WWE Universe, and continue to improve in a relatively safe space. But now that the training wheels are off, I’m very excited to see what Liv is capable of on her own.

As far as unique looks and personalities go, I think Liv is among the best in WWE right now. I’ve seen her live a few times now, and she comes across like a rock star. The big question right now is, what is she like in the ring when it comes to be singles matches? Can she rock a 20-minute classic with Charlotte, or Becky Lynch? I’m eager to find out.

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