2 Live Reports From Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast


Source: Prowrestling.net

Thanks to Cody Garza for sending in this report:

-I’ll start with the crowd. I’m not sure how it came across on TV, but the crowd started off hot and died down quite noticeably until the Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins match.

-I felt like the crowd just didn’t get in to the AJ Lee and Paige segment simply because by that time it was nearly an hour into the show, we got only one match. The fans were understandably restless after having to sit through John Cena and Paul Heyman, and the Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Chris Jericho (which was awful). I will say that our section got the jailbird chant going first.

-The John Cena vs. Cesaro match was pretty good despite a weird Frankensteiner from Cena. The move was nice to see but it just came at an awkward point in the match.

-We were shocked to see Bo Dallas lose to R-Truth of all people, but folks did like the post match beat down. This shouldn’t hurt Bo at all.

-I don’t know why they even had the Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose match. Sandow coming out in an astronaut costume got a nice laugh from the live crowd.

-The Fandango, Summer Rae, and Layla ordeal just needs to end. Please. El Torito got the biggest pop of the match.

-The Jericho vs. Rollins match was a nice back and forth match that had the crowd knowing the Wyatt’s were going to do something, but the crowd was hot for Jericho. The six-man tag was okay with the right team going over, and Miz playing up his Hollywood status was pretty hilarious.

-Roman Reigns came down by our section on the so it made sense that the extra security was for him during the commercial, but we were shocked when Randy Orton appeared out of nowhere and attacked him. I was ok with this match not happening as it was primarily used to further Reigns vs. Orton going in to SummerSlam. Orton really did a number on Reigns.

-The Divas tag match was what it was. We sat on our hands except when Naomi and Natalya came out. Aside from that nobody cared.

-The Brie Bella and Stephanie segment was very well done. They put a spin on an obvious storyline. The crowd was hot for Brie and very anti Stephanie, who did a very good job getting heat for playing “martyr.” The crowd popped big through the entire segment and when Stephanie accepted the match. The slap wasn’t surprising but still got a good reaction and Brie and Stephanie scuffling to end the show got a good reaction.

-At the end, my section (the floor section that’s on camera behind the ring) was the only section that chanted “Jamie Noble.” We knew it made it on TV and we were as loud as possible with it. All in all, a pretty good Raw in terms of experience (my fifth Raw). Match wise it was disappointing. We were given two matches in the show’s first 90 minutes and the rest just advanced toward SummerSlam (which was the intent of tonight). I still had a blast.

-Smackdown will be in Houston on October 28.

Thanks to Jesse Calhoun III for sending in this report:

There was a mixed reaction for John Cena. God, he’s so boring. So lame for that cheap pop. Mostly boos for Paul Heyman, whose promo was gold, just like always. John’s cheap pops are so stupid. Saying Houston and chanting ECW? He is the all-time worst.

Cesaro got almost no reaction. I don’t get that. He is too talented. He finally got a few boos during the match. Cena really is a bad wrestler. Bad on the mic. Bad in the ring. Just bad overall. 5KS is just dumb. AA is garbage. STF is the worst. He’s only as good as his opponent. He’s not a ring general. He can’t call a match. Cesaro carried him to a good match.

The Authority got boos. Randy Orton got a mixed reaction.

Paige got more cheers than boos. AJ Lee got a good reaction. It was the wrong time to chant CM Punk, as always.

They played a NXT Takeover video during the commercial. No one cared, which sucks because NXT is making great TV.

The Ric Flair wooos are annoying.

HHH’s music got a big face reaction. Haitch and Steph got boos after though along with a Jailbird chant. There were lots of YES! chants.

Y2J got a big reaction. This whole segment is hilarious. Seth Rollins got a lot of boos.

Rybaxel got no reaction aside from a few Goldberg chants. I don’t get the Goldberg chants at all. Miz got boos except one girl behind me. She went nuts for Miz. Dolph and the Usos got big cheers. Titantron ran the Uso entrance video for first two minutes or so of the match. Xavier Woods and company got heel heat when they came down to ringside. Miz skipped up the ramp like AJ when they cut to commercial.

There was a “we want Sting” chant during the video game commercial.

R-Truth got a decent reaction. Bo Dallas got more cheers than boos. Why have Dallas lose? That made zero sense. The place came unglued when he lost. The post match attack got a mixed reaction from the crowd. People still can’t figure out he’s a heel it seems. Maybe they should have used a more important babyface.

Rusev and Lana drew good boos. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter got big cheers. Uncle Zebakiah’s promo got a great reaction.

Damien Sandow got a couple of boos. Adam Rose got a few cheers. Pointless segment overall.

Kane’s pyro scared everybody. It always gets me. Roman Reigns got a decent pop. I’m still not sold on him, though. He has such a limited offense, and his mic work has been unimpressive. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are both way better. Kane and Orton’s attack got a lot of boos. The DDT got a big reaction. So did the unbreakable table. (Botchamania anyone?). There was a big mixed reaction for Orton’s attack.

Fandango got like no reaction. Neither did the bull group. The summer Summer Rae and Layla thing got old a long time ago.

Stephanie McMahon was still getting booed during her next appearance. It sure is easier to tell the Bella Twins apart now.

Cameron and Alica Fox got a few boos. Naomi got a small pop. Natalya got a pretty big pop. Everyone except Cameron had a good offensive showing.

Stardust got a big pop. The end got big laughs.

Chris Jericho’s pyro scared the shit outta everybody. After the heart attacks ended, he got a real big pop. Seth got great heat. Jericho and Seth put on a great match. The crowd was really into it. They were behind Jericho and gave Rollins really good heat (which he totally deserves). The Wyatt attack scored nice heat too.

The Shawn Michaels “Mr. WrestleMania” video package scored a good pop.

Stephanie had big heat in the final segment. Brie got a great pop. She’s way over compared to her sister. The crowd ate that final segment up.

Dark Main Event
1. Big Show and Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. Show was way over. Ambrose was over. The heels had great heat. Show won with a chokeslam on Wyatt.

Biggest Pops
1. Big Show
2. John Cena
3. Jack Swagger

Most Heat:
1. Stephanie McMahon
2. Seth Rollins
3. Rusev



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