We Ranked The Top 5 Contenders For The WWE Universal Championship After WrestleMania

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At WrestleMania this year, Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Championship against The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Many people (including myself) see it as a forgone conclusion that Roman Reigns will be leaving New Orleans with the Universal Championship.

As we look forward past the grandest stage of them all, we start to “future book” and think about who might be a contender to Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. We took into account the obviousness of the heel vs. face dynamic, in addition to the possibility of a WWE Roster Superstar Shakeup. While unlikely that Roman will be moved to the Smackdown Live roster (even though the champions have moved before), we have ranked the top 5 contenders for the WWE Universal Championship after WrestleMania.

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