5 Reasons You Should Watch Impact Wrestling’s ‘Slammiversary’ Tonight

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Impact Wrestling returns to pay-per-view tonight with their annual Slammiversary event in Dallas, TX with an absolutely stacked card, coming off a ton of momentum in the wake of some really good television as of late. We’ll have live coverage of the show kicking off at 8PM ET, but let’s not waste any more of your time. Here’s 5 reasons why you should watch Slammiversary tonight!

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While many wrestling promotions clearly stray away from intergender wrestling, despite having some of the women most well-known for it on their rosters (seriously, can Candice LeRae get some love soon?), Impact Wrestling isn’t afraid to let the guys and girls mix it up every once in awhile.

They’ve done a pretty good job of making these instances feel important, too. Say what you will about Disco Inferno, but he got more people talking about Impact than anything to come along in years with his misogynistic rants, and then turned it into a satisfying payoff that saw Scarlett Bordeaux (and later Tessa, as well) beat the hell out of him.

Tonight we’ve got Tessa Blanchard taking on Sami Callihan in the culmination of a program that’s actually been a whole lot of fun to watch play out. The former Knockouts Champion is one of the best wrestlers anywhere in the world right now, regardless of gender. I’ve seen her in some incredible intergender matches in the past – check out her match with Brian Cage from WrestleCircus – and I expect a lot out of this one as well.

Sami is one of the best villains in the world, full stop. He can get heat off anything, working against anyone. I’ve seen him at least 50 times live, so if there’s an expert on Sami Callihan matches, at least in his run since leaving NXT, I might just be it. I remember a particular match for AAW in Chicago where he fought Candice as a surprise challenger for the title, and they tore the house down. He’s not afraid to make that sh*t look real, no matter who he’s in the ring against.

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