5 Star Wrestling Creates New Submission Title, Barbed Wire Massacre Full Match Video, Kharma At Awards Show (Photo)


Above is the full Barbed Wire Massacre III match which aired on Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel last week and featured oVe vs LAX.

5 Star Wrestling Creates New Submission Championship

Britain is recognized the world over as the home of submission-style wrestling.

Although the popularity of ‘catch as catch can’ wrestling later spread to other parts of the globe and infused itself into the professional game we know and love today, its roots are firmly in the North West of England.

So 5 Star Wrestling feels that the Echo Arena in Liverpool is the perfect place to launch our brand new Submission Division – where participants will fight to make their opponents tap…or snap.

The first ever 5 Star Wrestling Tap or Snap Champion will be crowned when 5 Star Wrestling’s weekly TV series debuts LIVE on FreeSports on Thursday night, February 1 as five of the best grapplers in the world today square off in a 5 Star Submission Elimination Match.

Eliminations will only occur when a wrestler submits…taps out…gives up…quits. And only one of the five men will be left standing at the end as the first ever 5 Star Wrestling Tap or Snap Champion.

We have selected five of the best professional wrestlers on the 5 Star roster to compete in this historic matchup where four men will tap out and one will take home the gold!

They are:

BT Gunn

The Oddity. One of the best technical wrestlers in the UK today. An unpredictable and fiery competitor with a devastating submission hold in his locker known as the Coatbridge Crossface.

Flash Morgan Webster

The Modfather. Hailing from a Town Called Malice in Wales. Adept at any style of pro wrestling and one of the most talented youngsters on the UK scene today.

Mark Haskins

The Oxford Outlaw. One of the country’s most naturally gifted competitors. Renowned and respected for his in-ring versatility and master of the ever-dangerous Star Armbar.

Nathan Cruz

The Professional. The confident and cocky ring general from Hull. Self-assured and calculating, his Cruz Control inverted cloverleaf is a hold to be feared.

Joey Axl

The Pop Punk Powerhouse. An unknown quantity from Melbourne, Australia. The wild card in this match is well-versed in numerous fighting styles.

BT Gunn vs Flash Morgan Webster vs Mark Haskins vs Nathan Cruz vs Joey Axl

Five men. One goal. To make everybody else tap or snap.

See the first ever 5 Star Wrestling Tap or Snap Champion crowned in a 5 Star Submission Elimination Match and the new title belt unveiled LIVE when 5 Star Wrestling: LIVE on FreeSportsdebuts its weekly TV series at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Thursday night, February 1 from 7pm to 10pm.

Also on the Liverpool card:

John Morrison vs Rob Van Dam for the 5 Star Championship

Rey Mysterio vs ‘Liverpool’s Number 1’ Zack Gibson

‘The All-American American’ Jake Hager vs ‘English Lion’ Eddie Ryan

And the stars of the 5 Star Wrestling roster.

Kharma At Awards Show

Former Impact Wrestling and WWE star Awesome Kong, aka Kharma, appeared at the SAG Awards this week for her Netflix show “GLOW”, and Kong Tweeted the following:

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