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9/14 ROH Wrestling TV Results: Ring Of Honor Returns To Action, Pure Title Tournament Begins



The ROH Pure Title tournament is finally underway as Ring of Honor television returns with brand new content from their first television taping since the onset of COVID-19.

Tonight’s show features two first round tournament matches, including the in-ring returns of former ROH World Champions Dalton Castle and Jay Lethal.

You can watch new episodes every weekend, but for those without access to a local Sinclair station, the show debuts on FITE TV (above) and every Monday at 7:00 PM ET.

ROH Wrestling TV #469 Results
September 14, 2020

A video package runs down the field for the Pure Title Tournament as well as the updated rules for the championship. The Code of Honor handshake must be adhered to, wrestlers have only three ropebreaks each, closed fists will result in DQ after one warning, and once a champion is crowned the title can change hands on a DQ or countout. Anyone interfering in a Pure match will be immediately fired.

In a video package, Jay Lethal talks about winning the ROH Pure title at just 19-years-old and having the opportunity to become the first man to win the belt twice. He predicts it’ll be him against Jonathan Gresham in the finals, but first he gets to beat Dalton Castle and get his win back, as the last time they wrestled it was for the world title and Lethal came up short. Good promo.

Let’s head to the ring! Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary, and Ring of Honor is officially back, baby!

ROH Pure Title Tournament 1st Round Match
Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal
15-Minute Time Limit

We get a handshake to start off the tournament and Lethal shoots in going for a takedown. Castle reverses and takes his opponent to the mat, rolling into the ropes and forcing a ropebreak.

Commentary put over that it may take some of the wrestlers time in the first round to remember they need to stay away from the ropes, and not rely on them like in a regular wrestling match. Good call.

After some back and forth grappling Lethal locks in a double underhook submission on the mat. Castle turns it into a pin to break it up, ducks a lariat and delivers a big Saito suplex. A second Saito suplex connects, and Castle nearly drops Lethal on his neck with a nasty belly-to-belly into the corner.

Back from a short commercial break, and Lethal is back in control on the mat, working his opponent’s knee. He gets a bit cocky with slaps and lazy kicks to the back of the head, baiting Castle into getting bad and rushing right into a big backbreaker.

Lethal continues to kick at the knee, stalking him around the ring. They trade elbows and Castle hits the ribs with a few hard knees at the 10 minute mark. He tries for the Bang-a-Rang, but Lethal takes out the knee again and hits the Lethal Combination for a nearfall.

A scoop slam and he heads to the top rope. Castle cuts him off with clubbing blows, swinging away wildly, tries to hook him for a superplex, but Lethal jumps over him and rolls to his feet – right into the Bang-a-Rang! 1… 2… Lethal gets his foot on the ropes, using his second ropebreak.

Castle slowly gets to his feet and sets up for a Tiger Driver, but Jay wriggles free and turns him out with a clothesline. The Lethal Injection finds its mark, and this one is… over.

Winner: Jay Lethal

In another great video package, Wheeler Yuta talked about being a wrestling fan since the age of four, training with Drew Gulak, and traveling across the world to experience different styles and hone his craft, training in Germany and Japan. He calls himself a “decoder”, analyzing his opponents and coming in with a strategy for how to take them apart and win.

Jonathan Gresham, in a tremendous suit, talked about following Yuta’s career and really hammered how good his trainers were, but how that’s going to be his downfall because he’s studied Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams, and he knows how to break down their offense.

ROH Pure Title Tournament 1st Round Match
Jonathan Gresham vs. Wheeler Yuta
15-Minute Time Limit

The two jockey for position and trade counters until Yuta traps his opponent in a body scissors on the mat. He tries to counter into a variety of pinning combinations, but can’t seem to find a way out.

Gresham finally manages to kip up out of the hold and beautifully spins around into a heel hook. Yuta flips out and comes out of the corner with a dropkick. A big boot connects and he heads to the top rope, but crashes and burns on a diving crossbody.

Gresham goes after the ankle again and slowly applies an Indian Deathlock, forcing pressure on the hold. He flips them both over to fully apply the hold, Yuta gets in the ropes and uses a ropebreak, but his opponent uses the full five-count and has to be warned.

Yuta freaks out and punches him square in the face, being handed a warning by the referee. He complains about Gresham refusing to break the hold, and the ref gives them both a warning.

They come out of their respective corners swinging wildly, and turn things up to fourth gear, going counter for counter at lightning quick pace. Yuta jumps to the top rope and this time connects with a diving crossbody, for a scarily close nearfall.

Gresham snipes the ankle and applies a Figure Four! Yuta is clearly in a ton of pain, and rolls them both over into the ropes. They fall to the floor with the hold still applied, doing some serious damage to both. No ropebreak there from the ref as they were both caught up, and rolled out without letting up the submission.

Both wrestlers are back in by a count of 16. Yuta into a sunset flip pin out of nowhere for a nearfall. Gresham fires back and just starts slamming his opponent’s bad knee into the mat over and over again! BRUTAL SPOT! YUTA TAPS OUT!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Seriously go out of your way to watch this show. It’s literally free and conveniently located at the top of this page. An excellent hour of wrestling with some of the best video package work ROH has ever done to get you hyped about each of the competitors, whether you cared about them going in or not.


WWE Smackdown Results (12/4): Roman Reigns & Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens & Otis



WWE Smackdown Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. The “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns teams with cousin Jey Uso to take on Kevin Owens and Otis tonight, plus a rematch between King Corbin and Murphy. The show kicks off at 8:00 PM ET so join us then! 

WWE Smackdown Results
December 4, 2020

The show begins with the entire roster, led by Vince McMahon, on the entrance ramp and a graphic in memory of Pat Patterson up on the tron. Michael Cole says a few heartfelt words and asks the WWE Universe to join them in a moment of silence and a ten bell salute to Pat. Rest in peace.

In-Ring Interview: Roman Reigns

Kayla Braxton opens Smackdown in the ring and hypes up her guest at this time… The most dominant performer of his generation… A five-time heavyweight champion… A former tag team, United States and Intercontinental champion… A future Hall of Famer… And the head of his table…

Universal Champion Roman Reigns slowly saunters to the ring – and I mean slower than Tetsuya Naito and the Undertaker put together – accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Heyman adds even more accolades to the champ’s official introductions, before Kayla sets up footage of all the chaos that happened last week between them and Kevin Owens. Go out of your way to find this video package, as it’s tremendous.

Kayla asks if Roman fears Kevin Owens. Roman says that this is the biggest opportunity in her life, they could have had a veteran like Michael Cole do this interview, but they took a chance on her and right now, she’s blowing it. Next question. Kayla said that many people believe Reigns is unfairly manipulating his cousin. The champion remains cool and says that Jey is one of the greatest tag team stars of all time, but what has he done this year? He’s not a manipulator, he’s a protector.

Roman get sick of answering questions and tells Paul to wrap up the interview for him. Heyman puts over the ratings and the metrics and says that things are trending upwards and it’s all because of this new and improved Jey Uso. Does that sound like manipulation?

Kevin Owens puts an end to all of the B.S. and gets in the ring, saying he doesn’t want to wait until tonight’s main event. Jey Uso gets in his face and tells him they can roll right now! KO laughs at him and says he’s not talking to the busboy, he’s talking to the head of the table, challenging Reigns to be a man and defend his Universal title against him at WWE TLC – unless he wants to do it right now.

Reigns says that Owens being on the island of relevancy will be the best thing that happens to his career, agreeing to the challenge at WWE TLC. As far as a fight right now goes, Reigns says that there’s a lady in the ring and tells Owens to grow up. The family leaves and Owens gets back on the mic, telling the champ to find his balls and stop being a bitch. Reigns doesn’t take the bait, and walks away.


Backstage, Jey Uso tells Roman that he had to step up and accept Kevin Owens’ challenge because he was disrespecting their family. He apologizes for overstepping again, but Reigns actually told him that he understand, but there’s always consequences for every action.


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AEW Dynamite ‘Winter Is Coming’ Results (12/2): Moxley vs Omega, Iconic Debut, IMPACTful Partnership In The Works?



Welcome to’s exclusive live coverage of AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming! Jon Moxley defends the AEW World title against Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes teams with TNT Champion Darby Allin and more!

Results provided by @dougEwrestling. Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming
December 2, 2020
Jacksonville, FL




We start HOT with the battle royal and Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears are outside of the ring waiting for their turn to get in. Scorpio Sky eventually get in and Spears stays on the outside, but they eye each other as the melee takes place inside the ring. We have 19 men going nuts on each other, and Isaah Cassidy gets thrown out by Matt Hardy! We continue the battle, but now Adam Page works together with the Dark Order to eliminate Serpentico.

We continue and Sydal gets thrown BIG TIME out onto the ramp way. Then from behind Shawn Spears gets eliminated by Scorpio Sky! It looks like Hangman Page is going to get eliminated by Matt Hardy…but the Dark Order catches him! They throw him back into the ring, but Hardy goes right after him and throws him out on the other side of the ring. Meanwhile, Wardlow, Sammy Guevara, & MJF are just biding their time sitting in the corner with each other as Miro annihilates everyone. He eliminates Joey Janela, Matt Hardy, & Marq Quen all in a row!

Left in the ring are Sammy Guevara, MJF, & Wardlow, but Jungleboy is in there too! Miro and Wardlow meet in the middle of the ring, and they start trading hay makers! Miro gets the upper hand with some right hands and then starts to nail knees! Miro looks to deliver the knockout blow, but Sammy Guevara and MJF attack him from behind and eliminate him.

Jungleboy gets up and starts going at it with fast paced action against Sammy Guevara. It makes it up to the top rope….and MJF pushes them both off the top! It looks like the last two are Wardlow and MJF, and they’ll be facing off against each other….BUT ORANGE CASSIDY IS STILL OUTSIDE THE RING! He has not been eliminated! He gets in the ring and dodges a blow by Wardlow, who accidentally nearly eliminates MJF. Within the confusion, Cassidy hits the Orange Punch on Wardlow, eliminating him out of the ring, leaving the finals to Orange Cassidy vs. MJF!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & MJF

After the match, Miro comes out and has to be held back by referees.

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WWE NXT Results (12/2): Ladder Match With War Games Implication, Imperium Returns, More!



WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results
December 2, 2020
Orlando, FL

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


WWE starts tonight with a tribute to the late, great Pat Patterson, who sadly passed away earlier today. The entire roster is out on the entrance ramp, including Triple H, HBK, and William Regal, paying their respects to the first-ever Intercontinental Champion.

A video package is then shown with photos from Pat’s life while the song ‘My Way’ plays, which Patterson is famous for singing at karaoke throughout his life, with footage of him singing also being shown.


Johnny Gargano is on commentary for this match as he trash talks Damian Priest to start. Footage is shown earlier on tonight of Priest demanding to be in this match as he wants to ensure Ruff gets to Takeover this Sunday. Ruff starts the match, and he avoids Raul Mendoza in the corner jumping around the ropes, eventually catching Raul with a dropkick.

However, things quickly change when the Cruiserweight Champion tags in as he connects with a massive knee strike, which sends Ruff flying into his own corner. Priest comes in and Escobar quickly backs out, but Mendoza eats a back elbow by Priest.

On the outside Damian continues the attack, dropping Mendoza into the ring apron as he then slams him into the barricade. Mendoza tries to respond with a chop, but that only angers Priest, who takes out Mendoza again, however, Priest gets distracted by the Ghostface character who is stood watching in the crowd.

This allows Escobar to tag in and hit a suicide dive while Priest isn’t concentrating. Back inside the ring, Legado Del Fantasma isolates Priest, with Escobar catching him with a huge dropkick in the corner, which sends Priest bouncing off the turnbuckles.

Mendoza then returns as he begins to work over the knee of Priest, targetting the area while Gargano hilarious mocks Priest for shooting fake arrows on commentary. However, Priest finally gets in some offence of his own, hitting a flat liner and he brings in Leon Roff.

He dropkicks Mendoza out of the ring and then connects with a hurricanrana to Santos, but a blind tag gets made as Ruff continues his attack on Santos. After planting him down to the ring, Mendoza charges back in with a dropkick to catch him out, but Ruff then scrambles to Priest and he begins unloading on both of his opponents.

Priest knocks Santos out of the ring with a forearm and he follows up by attacking him again, and as Mendoza tries to dive off the top rope to make the most of it, he ends up hitting a forearm to Mendoza. Priest hits the Reckoning to Raul as Ruff tags in and finishes things off with a big splash to win things for his team.

Winners: Leon Ruff & Damian Priest

After the match, Gargano talks trash from commentary, and it appears that there are now two Ghostface characters, as they appear behind him.


A video package is then shown of Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon bringing a gift to Shotzi Blackheart a gift as she continues to work in the warehouse. Her fourth member is still unknown at this point.

Another video package is shown, recapping the Undisputed Era/The Brand storyline as UE talk about how things have been tough lately, but they’re now ready to and kick someone’s ass.

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