9/14 WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Cage Match, Champion vs Champion & More


Welcome to ProWrestling.com’s live coverage results of WWE Monday Night Raw. Tonight’s show is being promoted as “In Your Face Monday” and will feature a steel cage match between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio, a Champion vs. Champion tag team battle, Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee, and more. 

I’ll be filling in for Matthew this week, who has a well-deserved night off from live coverage duty. Fair warning – I make no promises that there won’t be random sarcastic comments sprinkled throughout if things get particularly ridiculous. It’s a three hour show, what do you want from me? 

WWE Monday Night Raw Results
September 14, 2020

Michael Cole kicks off the show live from the ThunderDome and announces that Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe have been given the night off. Instead he will be joined on commentary by Byron Saxton and… Dolph Ziggler!

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way down to the ring, as a video package covering his rivalry with Randy Orton plays on the tron. He reveals that WWE asked him to take some time off because he has a displaced fracture in his jaw, and one well-placed kick could see his mouth wired shut.

McIntyre said that if he did take time off he would have to forfeit the world title, and he’d rather leave Clash of Champions in an ambulance than without the title. That being said… both stars have taken trips to the hospital recently, so McIntyre suggests they face off in an Ambulance Match at the PPV.

Producer Adam Pearce comes to the ramp and says that Orton is still in the hospital, and WWE currently doesn’t know what his status will be for Clash of Champions. He announces that if Keith Lee can beat the champ tonight, he’ll be the one to face McIntyre for the title at the PPV.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

It’s an all out brawl in the ThunderDome! The Profits start rolling with forearms and hit stereo dropkicks. Ford flies over the ropes, but is caught by both Smackdown opponents and powerbombed into the edge of the barricade! We’re going to commercial. Seriously though, why do they logically even have barricades right now? A sense of normalcy, I guess.

Back from break as Montez Ford makes the hot tag after spending the entire break being beaten down. Dawkins cleans house with a huge spinebuster for both men and came off the ropes with a springboard corkscrew elbow to Nakamura.

He made the mistake of tagging back in Ford too soon, and he crashed and burned on a top rope splash as Cesaro knocked him into another time zone with a brutal European uppercut. Cesaro sets up for the Big Swing into a low dropkick from his partner.

After a few more minutes of Ford being beaten down, the Smackdown champions set up for a double superplex spot. Unbeknownst to them, Dawkins makes a blind tag and comes flying off the top with a huge splash, surprising Cesaro for the clean three-count.


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