9/14 WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Cage Match, Champion vs Champion & More


Backstage, Angel Garza was flirting with Lana. Are we looking at on-screen husband number three? Apparently not, as Zelina Vega shows up and tells the Ravishing Russian to get lost. She starts ranting at Angel for not having his head in the game and not being in the tag team title picture because of their recent losses.

He snaps and says he’s tired of being blamed for their problems, when “Golden Boy” Andrade was the one who lost last week. Andrade steps up and the two start arguing, until Zelina throws her hands up and storms off. They start shoving each other and get into a big brawl, until officials get in between them.

In-Ring Segment: The Hurt Business

All FOUR members of the faction come to the ring and Cedric Alexander is handed the mic. He says his social media has been blowing up all week long with the whiney fans wanting an explanation for turning on his so-called friend. He mocks the fans and says Monday Night Raw is his job, where he makes money, and he’s tired of catching a beating for somebody else’s title dreams.

Apollo Crews and Ricochet come to the ramp. Ricochet tells Cedric they didn’t come out to ask “Why Cedric Why” because that ship has sailed. It’s buried and done. He says if the beating from the Hurt Business was bad, the revenge they’re coming for is going to be a whole different thing.

Cedric Alexander (w/ MVP & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Ricochet (w/ Apollo Crews)

Right before the match began Erik of the Viking Raiders runs out and brawls with Bobby Lashley. They fight to the back, somewhat evening the odds for the babyfaces.

Back from break and Cedric is in control, stomping on the neck and knee of his opponent in the corner. Ricochet fires back with loud chops and uppercuts. Cedric ducks a clothesline, but turns around into a superkick that knocks him out on his feet!

Ricochet follows with a German suplex with a bridge and climbs to the top rope. He tries for the 630, lands on his feet, but Alexander spikes him with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. He follows with the Lumbar Check, and it’s over.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

The lights in the arena go out and Retribution shows up on the tron. We’re told they are the product of a corrupt system. As the promo goes on more and more of them enter the scene, until the screen is filled with masked individuals. One of the members says they were filled with false promises that the Performance Center would lead them to glory, so it looks like we finally have an indication of where this story is going…


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