9/14 WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Cage Match, Champion vs Champion & More


Adam Pearce is shown yelling at security backstage, asking them why they can’t do their job and keep Retribution out of the building every week. The Hurt Business walks up and says he’s not scared – he’s got three of the biggest badasses watching his back, and they want to help Pearce keep his job. But their assistance does not come free…

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James

Mickie surprise the champ with a jacknife pin for a nearfall right out of the gates. Asuka quickly collects herself and takes things to the mat. She tries to hit the ropes but Mickie trips her up and delivers a neckbreaker for two. Right into the side headlock.

Asuka fights back and delivers some stiff elbows, before shooting Mickie into the ropes and delivering a brutal high knee strike. She sets up for a hip attack, but the challenger sidesteps and delivers the Mick Kick! Unfortunately for her, Asuka smartly rolls out of the ring and collapses on the floor, likely saving her title.

Back from commercial, as Asuka hits back elbows in the corner, bullying the challenger. Mickie fires back with strikes of her own and comes off the second rope with a headscissors takedown. She hits the ropes, but runs into a hip attack from the champ. Mickie is right back up though and tackles Asuka with the Thesz Press! Vintage Mickie!

She slowly climbs to the top rope, Asuka catches her with punches, but gets kicked down to the mat. James stands to her feet and delivers a diving Thesz Press pin for two. Asuka reverses for two. Rolling elbow. Hip attack. She tries for the Buzzsaw Kick, Mickie ducks it and sits down on a half crab submission!

James drags the submission back to the center of the ring and breaks the hold to deliver the Mick Kick, but only got about 10% of it. No impact, but Asuka sold it well anyways for a nearfall. They go back and forth with quick pin attempts and counters, Asuka catches her with the Asuka Lock…

Mickie rolls into a pin while still trapped in the move, but in a very bizarre moment the ref called for the bell and said that Mickie could not continue. They quickly roll her out of the ring. Very strange. Hopefully everything is okay…

Winner & Still Champion: Asuka

Zelina Vega marches to the ring and says she’s been thinking about the future a lot lately. She is sick and tired of managing those “ingrates” and is done waiting on other people to reach the top. She wants Asuka, and slaps the champion across the face!

So I’m not sure exactly what happened in that spot, but upon watching it back it appeared that Mickie thought the finish was her reversing the Asuka Lock into a pin, and the referee made the call to throw out the match instead. For the split second her face was on TV before they rolled her out of the ring, she looked genuinely confused. It’s possible Vince changed the finish on the fly, but I’ll keep you posted on the site if more information becomes available.


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