9/14 WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Cage Match, Champion vs Champion & More


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage and talks about his opponent tonight, Keith Lee, who is a good friend of his. Lee approaches after some trash is talked, and tells the champion to keep his name out of his mouth. Things get really tense and Lee attacks, leading to a monstrous brawl between the two with about a dozen officials breaking it up.

We go live to Raw Underground where BRAUN STROWMAN is in the ring beating the absolute hell out of of everyone that tries to get in the ring with him! Riddick Moss rushes him but gets tossed back out into the crowd! Titus O’Neil is here! The big man tackles Strowman and the two trade punches, but the “Monster Among Men” eventually gets the better of him with knock-out blows on the mat.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

We come back to this match already in progress. Black is pummeling KO in the corner with kicks and knee strikes up against the ropes. Owens fights back with elbows and hits the ropes, but gets dropped with a kitchen sink knee lift. Black right back on him, stomping at the gut and keeping his opponent grounded. After a few more minutes of being relatively dismantled, the lights went out, and Owens hit a stunner to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan won a tag team match over Lana and Natalya that was so short and completely pointless I’m not going to bother creating a section for it. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were ringside to build up the Clash of Champions title match, but who does a win like that actually help? Nia Jax murdered Lana and put her through the announce table afterwards.

Meanwhile in Raw Underground… Braun Strowman is still mauling people. Riddick Moss comes back for round two and this time Dolph Ziggler joined in the fight. He lasted about 30 seconds before Strowman planted him with a running powerslam. Big man Dabba Kato gets in the ring and stares down Braun, but Shane McMahon stops them from fighting and sets up a match for them next week.

Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee

It’s a car crash from the opening bell, as Lee rushes the champion and tackles him into the corner, slugging away with huge blows. McIntyre carries him across the ring and slam him down, doing a little ground and pound, as we head to break. Keith has changed gear like four different times since debuting, and is now in a black singlet. It’s… better…?

McIntyre hits some big knees and big back body drop. Back suplex. He tries for a vertical, but Lee fights back with loud strikes and takes the champ’s head off with a lariat. McIntyre rallies back with a headbutt, and climbs to the top rope. Keith Lee knocks him down with forearms and the two brawl back and forth in the air. LEE WITH THE SUPERPLEX! 1… 2… shotgun kick-out from McIntyre.

Lee wants the Spirit Bomb, but McIntyre lands on his feet, hits the ropes and the two collide in the middle of the ring like rams. Both men down.


The gang surrounds the ring and absolutely mobs the hell out of McIntyre and Keith Lee. There are at least 15 of them. The Hurt Business appears on the ramp and the two sides stare each other down! WE’RE GOING TO WAR BABY!

MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander each take about five guys in one of the biggest, most hype brawls in recent WWE memory. McIntyre and Keith Lee both dive over the ropes and take the entire group down! Raw goes off the air in total chaos.

Okay, I hate Retribution and generally think it’s some of the worst, most lazy writing WWE has done in years – maybe ever – but that was a HOT closing segment and would have come across great in front of an actual crowd.

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