9/21 ROH Wrestling TV Results & Stream: Pure Title Tournament Continues, David Finlay Battles Rocky Romero


The ROH Pure Title Tournament continues tonight with two more first round matches. New Japan stars collide as David Finlay battles his mentor Rocky Romero, and Delirious takes on Matt Sydal.

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ROH Wrestling TV #470 Results
September 21, 2020

A video package recapped Jonathan Gresham vs. Wheeler Yuta and Jay Lethal vs. Dalton Castle from last week, including new post-match comments from the winners. Lethal said he’s never had a singles match against Rocky Romero or David Finlay so he’s looking forward to facing either one.

Finlay spoke about being the son of Fit Finlay and wrestling in the UK at the age of 18 before moving to Japan and entering the NJPW Dojo. He had to do 1,000 squats on day one and didn’t speak a word of Japanese.

Rocky ran down his long list of accomplishments and has the obvious experience advantage, having battled numerous former ROH Pure Champions. He claimed at the end of his career people will talk about him being Black Tiger, being an 8-time IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champion, and a former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, but they’ll also talk about when he won the ROH Pure Title Tournament.

ROH Pure Title Tournament 1st Round Match
Rocky Romero vs. David Finlay
15-Minute Time Limit

Rocky takes the younger star to the mat with some great grappling right away, but Finlay fires back and puts a look of concern on his mentor’s face. Finlay works a headlock, shoots in the ropes and gets a shoulder tackle. Rocky snaps off a armbar headscissors, but Finlay is in the ropes to break the hold, using one of his ropebreaks.

Finlay goes on the attack with kicks and stomps to the shoulder, setting up for that Garbage Panda shoulder-breaker later on. He alternates between headlocks and a nerve pinch, and hammered away on the shoulder in between holds.

Rocky battles back with hard strikes. He comes off the second rope, driving the point of his knee into Finlay’s elbow, then hangs him up in the ropes for a springboard double foot stomp! Only a two-count. He goes to the well a second time, but Finlay dodges and clips the knee from behind, slapping on a Trailer Hitch.

Romero uses his first ropebreak to get free and starts hammering away with uppercuts and heavy elbows. Finlay returns strikes and blocks Sliced Bread #2 out of the corner with a huge backbreaker! Finlay drags his thumb across his throat, signals for the end, and connects with Trash Panda. 1… 2… 3.

Winner: David Finlay

It’s official – it will be David Finlay vs. Jay Lethal in the first of two red block semifinal matches.

ROH Pure Title Tournament 1st Round Match
Matt Sydal vs. Delirious
15-Minute Time Limit

Delirious shoots in going for a takedown and Sydal counters about six different attempts to keep him on the mat. He finally gets the leg and locks in a heel hook, and transitions into a standing double underhook, driving knees to the body. Sydal turns the table looking for an armbar, applies a headscissors on the mat, but Delirious fights free and kips up out of it. Great, great technical opening exchange there.

We’re shown clips of during the break, where Delirious hit a modified Russian legsweep into a dropkick, and slowed things down on the mat. Sydal catches him with a quick series of deadly submissions, forcing his opponent to quickly burn two of his ropebreaks.

A nasty jumping knee strike connects to the jaw, and Sydal gets a close nearfall. He follows with a standing corkscrew splash, trapping Delirious’ legs under his body before hitting it, for another nearfall.

Delirious surprises him with a Million Dollar Dream, into an overhead suplex. Rear naked choke applied! Sydal begins to fade, but rolls backwards into a pin, forcing the break. Crossface applied! Delirious taps!

Winner: Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal advances to take on Jonathan Gresham in the second red block semifinal match. The other half of the bracket kicks off next week with another two first round matches.Seriously, go out of your way to see these shows. And by “out of your way” I mean it’s literally free and sitting there in a video at the top of this page.