9 Great Matches Feat. WWE Superstars You Can Watch On NJPW World

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Bored in quarantine? Looking to expand your horizons with some New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but not entirely sure where to start? You’re in luck – we’ve curated a list of matches featuring current WWE Superstars that you can watch on New Japan’s streaming service NJPW World.

The goal of this list isn’t necessarily to feature a bunch of all-time great classics, although there are a few. It’s more about presenting a lot of different kinds of matches, with the hope that you’ll find and connect with new talent, who you can search out on your own.

Note: NJPW World charges your account on the first of the month, so it’s currently a good time to sign up as a new subscriber. 

Kyle O’Reilly vs. KUSHIDA
NJPW Best of the Super Jr. XXII Finals

KUSHIDA has barely scratched the surface of his potential in WWE and there’s a library of his greatest hits on NJPW World to choose from. You really can’t go wrong. KUSHIDA was the constant in New Japan’s junior heavyweight division for most of the 2010s, both as a tag team and singles act, and in his many battles with O’Reilly this is the undisputed best. They went out after a long, grueling round robin tournament and had a 31-minute classic in the main event.

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