9 WWE Superstars Who Should Retire Kurt Angle At WrestleMania

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will return to Monday Night RAW this coming week in Portland, OR to “address his future” — a rather cryptic and ominous teaser from the Olympic gold medalist.

The news has understandably led to widespread speculation that the 50-year-old grappler will be announcing his official retirement from the world of professional wrestling. Of course that got us thinking about a possible final match at this year’s WrestleMania, which led to a discussion about who, exactly, should have the honor of retiring a living legend.


kevin owens

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Simply put, Kevin Owens is one of the best heels to ever hold a microphone. He’s already proven that in his relatively short WWE career, but it’s immediately evident if you look beyond to his days in Ring of Honor and particularly PWG. He’s already a former world champion, but if they’re finally winning to strap a rocket ship to him, K.O. could (and should) be a one-in-a-decade top talent.

If there’s anyone that could benefit from a program with Kurt Angle and the bragging rights of retiring a legend, it’s him. If there’s anyone who can create a truly compelling story in a short amount of time, and have tens of thousands of people on their feet, emotionally screaming for Angle come WrestleMania Sunday, it’s him. Owens is a guarantee that not only would the match be good, the promos would be stellar, and the right talent would be getting the rub. It’s a win-win-win situation.


Corbin is one of the more likely choices if anyone is going to retire Kurt Angle at WrestleMania. He scored a victory over the Olympic gold medalist last week on RAW — fairly decisively,

Personally I’m not super into this idea just because I feel like they’ve been associated with one another the entire time Angle’s been back on television, but there’s obviously a ton of history and precedent to do the match. Corbin pretty much took his job and beaten him down, but Angle has also gotten the upper hand and embarrassed him on a number of occasions as well.

I’m not exactly jumping out of my seat to see the match, but it does make sense. Corbin seems destined to be a long-term part of the WWE creative division, likely a staple of the midcard for many years to come, and being able to brag about retiring a Hall of Famer is an accolade he can milk every week for every single one of those years.

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