9 WWE Superstars Who Should Retire Kurt Angle At WrestleMania

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Despite WWE doing their very best to make me not care about Lashley since his return, they are hell bent on trying to get this guy over. Again. The pairing with Lio Rush has definitely improved things. And hey, that’s a bonus — when they defeat Angle at WrestleMania, it get two people over for the price of one. Lashley gets the physical victory and god knows Rush won’t let anyone forget about it.

For those Impact Wrestling fans out there, Lashley was actually Angle’s last match for the promotion. He was a really big deal there for quite a while, and while I highly doubt they’d reference any of this, building the match around Lashley being pissed off that he already ran Kurt out of one promotion and into retirement, and wanting to finish the job, could make for a compelling story.

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