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Hello Wrestling World:


So here is my top five superstars list for the month of July. For comparison, here is the list from June:


5. Cesaro

4. Bray Wyatt

3. Dean Ambrose

2. Roman Reigns

1. Seth Rollins


Will all of these amazing talents make the cut this week? will we see some new additions to the list for July? Who in their right mind thought the Gobbledy Gooker was a good idea? All of these questions are soon to be answered. (Except the last one, it will always remain a mystery).

5. Chris Jericho : It has been awesome watching the return of Y2J. I was in attendance last night at Raw and I can tell you that the energy and excitement during his segment was off the charts. Of course, the feud with Bray Wyatt is incredibly promising. I look for some of the best promos in recent memory out of this feud. It says it all that all it took was the two being in the same ring together generated a “This is Awesome” chant.

4. Dean Ambrose: Dean is still coming into his own as a rebel babyface. Mr. Ambrose is very believable and has had some barn burners in the ring as of late I thought he stole the show in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match.   I am expecting a show stealer this sunday at Battle Ground between him and his former shield mate.  Dean Ambrose is just cool, Period.

3. Seth Rollins: Okay so I may be a Seth Rollins fan boy.  But I think he has continued to be outstanding. For one, he took one of the sickest bumps I have seen in a long time at Money in the Bank, and then went on to win the match. I also have enjoyed the energy created by his attempted cash ins. His match with Cena on Raw was very good. It should also be noted that his selling last night on raw was so good, the referee threw up the x sign because he thought he was legitimately injured. As stated before, I have high expectations for his match this Sunday with Dean Ambrose.

2. John Cena: The biggest strike against Cena is how stale he is. However, wining a historic 15th wwe championship and being a major part of the main storyline in wwe currently definitely earns him a spot on the list. I thought he and Rollins had a great main even match on Raw a few weeks ago, showing that Cena can still tear the house down in a main even situation. I am thinking he retains the title on Sunday.

1. Roman Reigns: Even though John Cena is the champion, the top babyface on Raw for the past month is Roman Reigns. The crowd reactions he gets are absurd, and wwe continues to put him in situations where he shines.  I actually think his style  and aura remind me somewhat of The Undertaker. My only concern is that the main event of BattleGround is a fatal four way. This is a great way to showcase Reigns. But I worry that he will still remain unproven in a singles capacity. However, if he can continue to improve, and wwe stays behind him good things will happen.