A Big WWE Mistake, Dusty Rhodes’ Interesting Tweet

— The May issue of WWE Magazine has a feature called “31 Bold Predictions for WrestleMania 31”. Entry #22 features a mistake, in that it claims the Undertaker is 22-0 at WrestleMania.

— Dusty Rhodes tweeted the following today:

“The 3 things that pro wrestlers become after ring work over . They are — become a preacher , do bad standup com . Are bitch that they did not get used right !”

— Here is the latest WWE.com video blog from Brandi “Eden Stiles” Rhodes:

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  • Just havin fun.

    Does that show the decision for UT to lose was made late, perhaps even the day of WM30? Possible.

  • Franklin

    Has Dusty done any of the three things he claims wrestlers do after their ring work is over?