A House Of Hardcore ‘Invasion’ Set For TNA iMPACT!?

TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted the following to Tommy Dreamer earlier tonight, inviting him to this Thursday’s LIVE TNA iMPACT! tapings in Bethlehem, PA. Dixie said:

“Now that @RealBully5150 has learned that you don’t mess with me or @EthanCarterTNA in Texas, I want to address another “issue”.”

“In my twelve years of being President of TNA, I’ve had everyone tell me how I should handle my business. “Experts,” keyboard jockeys, etc.”

“After the success of #Slammiversary, I want to address @TheTommyDreamer. You ran your mouth to your “horde of hardcore” fans and on twitter”

“I’m inviting @THETOMMYDREAMER and his “horde of hardcores” to come to Bethlehem, PA for #ImpactLIVE this Thursday!”

“@THETOMMYDREAMER I will hand you a live microphone and dare you to say those things to my face. Thursday 9/8c on @SpikeTV!”

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