A Possible WWE Extreme Rules **SPOILER**

According to a source, the original plan was for Evolution to defeat The Shield at Extreme Rules tonight. Those plans reportedly changed when news came that Batista was going to take time off after tonight’s event.

However, with recent reports suggesting that Batista could stay through the upcoming Payback event, the original plan of Evolution winning could be back in effect. WWE was planning to continue the feud between Evolution and The Shield after tonight, which could mean that the heels will likely go over.


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  • Rob Damovieguy

    everyone knows that Batista is going to be taking time off in June anyways he will be on promotion for his big summer movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and will not be around. As for Evolution winning that would suck because it just makes current storylines seem moot. Just saying.

  • Just havin fun.

    So, Originally team A would win, but then Team B would win, unless they decide to have team A win? Great reporting…

  • Fast Eddie

    We need to get Eric Young on main stream television. He is the man