AAW Art Of War Results (2/24): Young Bucks Invade, Kingston Takes Out A Fan, New Champions Crowned!


Once again, AAW Pro not just meets the expectations of the Chicago crowd, but at AAW Art of War, they completely shattered them. By now everyone knows that the Young Bucks invaded AAW (more on that later) continuing where they left off with the Lucha Bros at the AEW Double Or Nothing Ticket Party in Las Vegas. With that in mind, even without the Bucks, this was a stellar show, up and down the card, even with the Fight For The Future Card, all the way up to the main event of the evening. This card provided great matches, storyline progression, and a pop that was possibly the loudest I had ever heard in the Logan Square Auditorium.

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Results By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


The Rascalz grow as a team every time that we see them again in Chicago. As a team, Dezmon Xavier & Zachary Wentz were great, but with the addition of Trey Miguel, these guys have completed what they needed to be with swagger, fun, speed, and great tag team wrestling. Each one of them works singularly or together, as we saw in this match.

It is always a great idea to start a show with Ace Romero and PACO, both of which fans love, but for different reasons. Ace’s music hits and it has everyone singing together with the big man as he perches on the ropes. PACO, the hometown boy, is as over as anybody. His enthusiasm and classic underdog story always has the fans cheering for him and getting out of their seats. Pairing them with the uber athletic and charismatic Rich Swann, and you have a winning combination.

I’d say the guy that impressed me most in this one was Trey Miguel. He put on a show, especially within his chain wrestling with Rich Swann. All three Rascalz are so fast and have incredible tandem moves, really wearing their opponent down. I was sitting in my seat thinking how they would wear down Ace Romero, and with continued tags, hits, dropkicks, they did just that. They did the same with Rich Swann really slowing him down. Swann eventually came back and gets a hot tag for Ace Romero, who takes out everyone, but again, the Rascalz just are too fast and too good.

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Paco of course has his underdog come back, really selling the crowd in a false finish after a frogsplash. The Rascalz eventually picked up the victory after a torture rack/stomp combination on PACO for the victory.

Winners: The Rascalz


Out first is AEW’s newest signing, Sammy Guevara. This is a rematch between Guevara & Allin from the Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament and “The Best Ever” had no problem reminding us about his victory over Darby. Guevara says that he is big time now, and he is going to give a spoiler that he is going to win this match and win with another headlock takeover, and the AAW management can fire him for saying it if they want, because he is now ALL ELITE.

The match starts FAST and BRUTAL, as does all of Darby’s matches. It quickly makes its way to the outside, as Darby runs into Sammy into the barricades. Darby stands on the top of the barricade, but Sammy quickly stops him, setting up Darby in a painful predicament. Sammy drapes Darby over the barricade and then grabs a chair. Sammy gets up on the apron and hits Darby WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE APRON WITH THE CHAIR!!!

Darby recovers and works continuously throughout the match on the fingers of Sammy, nearly getting him to tap out multiple times throughout the show. Both men get up and Darby charges at Sammy, but Sammy pulls the referee in front of him. Darby stops, turns around, and gets kicks in the netherrealm, falling like a sack of potatoes. Guevara picks up Darby and delivers a headlock takeover and picks up the cheap win.

Winner; Sammy Guevara

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