AAW Chaos Theory Results (2/3) New Champion Crowned, Riddle vs. Callihan, Women’s Championship Defended (Huge Photo Gallery)


AAW Chaos Theory
February 3rd, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

What a pleasure it was to attend this show, and it was good nearly from start to finish. The ending had a rather surprising finish, and overall, just a very fun show.

The show started with Tyler Volz coming out to welcome the crowd to the show, and to announce his special guest commentator, one half of the AAW Tag Team Champions, Davey Vega. Vega gets on the mic and is booed heavily, and says that he is banged up so he will be on commentary. He proceeds to welcome everyone to AAW Art of War….which is the wrong name of the show. Tyler Volz corrects him and Chaos Theory is under way!

MYRON REED defeated TREY MIGUEL in 5:01

Great choice to start the show. These guys are going to be stars in AAW this year, and Myron Reed especially shined in the last few months of the year. Trey starts the match with a surprise sling blade, and both men end up outside of the ring. Myron picks up Trey and drops him face first on the ring apron. Trey recovers and hits Myron back with some big chops.

Back in the ring, Trey hits Myron with a reverse suplex, and then rolls and goes for another and tries again, but Myron is able to reverse it and twist into a stunner, sending Trey onto the apron. Myron goes to hit Trey off the apron with a spear but Trey moves and comes back into the ring. Trey bounces off the ropes himself and tries for a spear onto Myron but Myron moves out of the way and Trey goes crashing and burning out of the ring, and into the audience, with a sickening thud onto the chairs. Myron Reed is not done though, and he bounces off the ropes for momentum and dives onto Trey on the outside.

Both men get back in the ring, and Myron Reed hits a dazed Trey Miguel with a Spanish fly for the win.

OI4K defeated ZERO GRAVITY in 10:07

OI4K is pretty over with the crowd, but Zero Gravity are local favorites for the LaSalle Crowd, and CJ Esparza & Brent…something? (the smaller out of the two) are ready to go. Jake Crist hits a kick on Brent and then hits one on CJ Esparza knocking both men out of the ring to start the match.

Outside of the ring, the smaller Zero Gravity member hits a big chop on Dave and the match gets hard hitting on the outside, with several splashes onto Dave who is propped on the guardrail. Jake comes to make the save and puts the Zero Gravity member on the corner of the guardrail and then kicks him into the audience.

Back in the ring, OI4K has control but CJ Esparza tags in the smaller guy and he hits a couple of spinning heel kicks. He hits Jake with a sunset flip powerbomb.  Jake hits a kick on both Zero Gravity guys, and then he hits a big splash on the small guy. Spike tombstone for the win


Trevor gets on the mic and says he being screwed that this match isn’t him challenging for the AAW Heritage Championship. He says that  WRSTLING has rules unlike Shane so there will be rules, no weapons, no knives, no guns, which the crowd found EXTREMELY offensive and chanted “THAT WAS RACIST” at Lee. Shane took it in stride and proceeded to have the entire front row pat him down. Trevor tells Shane that he didn’t mean it like that and extends his hand to Shane, but Shane twists the arm and wrenches on it and then hits a kick to the head of Trevor Lee, sending him out of the ring.

This match had some hard hitting action throughout, including knees to the face, and a clothesline that rocked Shane, flipping him inside out. Near the end of the match, Trevor was able to distract the referee long enough to hit Shane with a low blow, bending his own rules and picking up the victory.


MJF gets on the mic, and says that he doesn’t normally wrestle jobbers but he will be happy to beat half a dozen jobbers to a pulp. Says he is better than everyone and they’re all slow here in Lasalle and they couldn’t pass finger painting class and he’s better than all the fat hicks here. Wow. A drunk woman in the crowd was also yelling at him and he told her that  she should only speak when she’s spoken to. Great heel work here.

The match started with all the other guys in the match surrounding him, and proceed to beat the crap out of MJF.

The match allowed each of the guys to really hit their moves, with MJF, Ace Romero, and Donovan Danhausen standing head and shoulders above the rest. The match ended when Ace Romero hit Dante Leon with a massive powerbomb that shook the ring and allowed him to pick up the victory.

After the match, MJF attacked Ace and spit in his face


ACH says that he’s prepared and it means a lot to him to be the top dog. Now he has the opportunity and he is going to make the most of it.

JEFF COBB defeated AR FOX in 7:17

Not their first match in AAW, and I can only hope it’s not their last. These two men just work well together and Fox can put on an entertaining match with the invisible man if he wanted. Fox hit his usual acrobatics, including the flip moonsault off of the ring post. Unfortunately Cobb’s power was too much and he hit a Tour of the islands caught from a springboard to pick up the victory.

SAMI CALLIHAN defeated MATT RIDDLE via submission in 14:28

This match made its case for he match of the night with great psychology and in ring work from both men. Riddle was intense as usual, with his brand of lethal kicks and submissions, but Sami worked on Riddle’s leg for much of the match. It started when Riddle was climbing to the top and Sami hit Riddle in the leg with a chair, then twisted on his leg and foot, going as far to bite at Riddle’s foot, making people in the crowd cringe. Sami proceeded to take the chair and put it over Riddle’s ankle, stomping repeatedly.

Riddle did have some good offense, but the punishment on riddle’s leg and ankle proved to be too much, and Riddle tapped out to a knee bar.


After the match, Sami gets on the mic and calls out WRSTLING. He says he always gives it everything he’s got in this ring with OVE/OI4K, and he wants David Starr, Trevor Lee, and Jeff Cobb to come out and bring Eddie Kingston with them too.

Eddie, Trevor, and Cobb come out, and Starr was not there that evening. Cobb and Lee get in the ring, but Eddie leaves Lee and Cobb high and dry. Jake and Dave come out and Sami hits Lee with the mic and they start to go at it. Lee and Cobb get out and Sami says that they run AAW and run everything


Jessica havoc says that she and Rosemary met before in a war. Says she has her work cut out for her. Says she will drop Rosemary on her head and remind everyone why she’s the women’s champion.


Davey Vega comes out and introduces his partner Matt Fitchett. Vega conducts a mini interview with Fitchett, starting by asking Fitchett why he is his role model. Fitchett says that Vega is not, but the tag team champions are interrupted by Jake Something, Nick Brubaker, Connor Braxton, and Curt Stallion. The 4 men claim that they deserve a shot at the tag team championship. This leads to Mike Hartenbower, Kodi Rice, and PACO making the save and turns it into an 8 man tag.



Mediocre match here, with Something, Fitchett, Paco, and Rice being the standouts. The match ended when Kodi accidentally hit Hartenbower in the head with the kendo stick. Stallion charges at Kodi, knocking him out of the ring, allowing Jake Something to hit Black Number 2 to pick up the victory. Something is very over with the crowd, and has shown some athleticism, so I’m hoping we get to see him in a singles match soon.

PENTA EL 0M defeated EDDIE KINGSTON in 14:21

As usual, Penta is super over, and starts the match by putting the Cero miedo in Kingston’s face, but Kingston bites on his fingers. Quick chain wrestling and the action spills out of the ring and Penta hits a summersault onto Kingston.

Back in the ring, Penta hits leg kick after leg kick, weakening Eddie to the point where he is limping and falls to the mat. Penta tries for a stomp from the top rope  but Eddie moves and tries to rush Pena but Penta moves and hits a backstabber.

At one point during the match Eddie ripped half of  Penta’s mask off and then tied his mask to the ropes. Penta worked his way out, and hit a clothesline to Eddie. This put Eddie on his knees and Penta hit a big kick to the face of Eddie.

The match ended with a Mexican destroyer, which Eddie kicked out of. Then Penta hit another from the top rope , and followed it up with a package pilesriver for the win

AAW Women’s championship: JESSICKA HAVOK defeated ROSEMARY in 4:23

Rosemary hurt her knee early on in this match and fell to the outside of the ring. The ref went to check on her and helped her in the ring just to have havok hit a tombstone to finish the match.

Shame this one ended early, would’ve loved to see these two go, and we wish Rosemary a speedy recovery and hope it’s not a serious injury.

After the match three refs and Havok checked on Rosemary and helped her to the back.

AAW Heavyweight Championship: ACH defeated REY FENIX to become the NEW AAW Heavyweight Champion

Wow what a match and what a shocker. This was the first championship to change hands in LaSalle since AAW started coming here, and most of the big storyline events tend to happen with the Chicago crowd, so it was a nice thing to see in front of the LaSalle crowd.

One of the most impressive things I saw in the match was with Fenix straddled on the top turnbuckle, ACH did a flipping kick to the face of Fenix as he yelled FALCON KICK. He followed that up quick with a 450 Splash. After Fenix kicked out, ACH picked up Fenix and his Brain Buster to pick up the victory

After the match ACH got in the ring and said and said he does this for the kids and he made his Midwest debut in Chicago and we embraced him. Matt Fitchett, Davey Vega, Shane Strickland, and PACO came to the ring to congratulate ACH, and Fenix bowed in respect as he left the ring. ACH said guys like him and Vega and Fitchett traveled the road together and didn’t know if they’d have a spot (mostly Vega) but we took him in. And now he is the AAW Champion and it was an honor. Great promo, and ACH took the time after the show to shake everyone’s hand and take pictures with everyone.

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