AAW Hell Hath No Fury Results (3/16) – Major Title Change, Fatu Creates Chaos, Jake Something Becomes A Star



If you are going to take anything out of this reading, it’s that Jake Something is a star. I’ve been saying this since my first AAW report on 10/7/17 (which you can read HERE) when he teamed with Brubaker, noting that Jake has impressive size and good charisma, and was one of the surprise stars of the night. He debuted in July of 2017 and has continued to grow over the last two years, which led to the hype and surprise reaction from the AAW faithful who have been clamoring for this man to have a singles match and show what he can do. Over the last couple of years, he has been in tag team matches primarily, but never been pinned or submitted, so this match was streak vs. title and something had to break.

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The match started with JT Davidson announcing Sami Callihan, and Jake not letting him finish, clobbering JT. From there, these guys put on a show, which I didn’t take any video of because just enjoying this as a fan. THe match was incredible, and Jake showed be belongs at the top of the card. It was hard hitting throughout. Sami brought his chaos and brutality to the match that he has grown famous for, busting out the chairs in retaliation for what Jake did to his manager. He proceeded to decimate Jake with the chair repeatedly but Jake would not stay down.

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Jake hit Sami with power move after power move and we saw several false finishes, with Jake hitting not one, but two HUGE powerbombs, and even his Black Hole Slam. Jake set up chairs in table-fashion and goes to the top to powerbomb Sami through them, but Sami slips out, and Jake gets a brutal powerbomb through them instead. Sami goes for the cover, but Jake kicks out at 1! Sami gets Jake in a sit out piledriver, but Jake kicks out! Sami pulls up a chair and pile drives Jake onto it to FINALLY pick up the victory. Get the DVD for this match.

Winner AND STILL AAW Champion: Sami Callihan



An emotional match here. Kylie tries several times to get the crossface on Havok to tap out, but instead it’s her that ends up tapping out to a Boston Crab, losing her championship to Jessicka Havok. After the match, Sami Callihan leads out the locker room to have standing ovation for these two women. Kylie hugged Jessicka and we may have seen the last of Kylie Rae.

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