AAW Never Say Die Results (4/13): ACH Defends His Championship, Tenille Dashwood Debuts, Kimber Lee Returns, Keith Lee Says Goodbye?


AAW Never Say Die
April 13th, 2018
Report By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

AAW Never Say Die took place from 115 Bourbon Street in Marionette Park, IL, and the crowd was pretty hot throughout. They never cease to put on a good show, and as usual, ProWrestling.com was in attendance to provide coverage. Make sure you check out the gallery below!


This was Monix’s debut at AAW, and also Paco’s birthday! Quick match, which really had Paco dominating most of the match. Paco wins with a quick Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner in 2:29 – Paco


After the match Paco cuts a rare promo and starts talking about his upcoming match with Trevor Lee for the Heritage Championship, since Paco won the right to a championship match in LaSalle, IL after winning the Heritage Rumble. Paco is interrupted by WRSTLING, David Starr, Jeff Cobb, and a reluctant Eddie Kingston.

David Starr gets on the mic and starts talking about Paco’s birthday, and is even nice enough to lead the crowd in a birthday song. He says they aren’t going to embarrass Paco tonight and they’re going to show him mercy the way that Trevor Lee will not during their match. He tells Paco to get out of the ring before they change their mind. Paco thinks about it and is defiant at first, but then rethinks his strategy and leaves.

David Starr turns his attention to Eddie Kingston, and talks about how he owns him and that he is doing well, but whenever he is not around, Eddie fails. He says that Eddie can’t keep embarrassing him because everything that Eddie does now has Starr’s name attached to it. He says he wants the old Eddie back, the Eddie that f’s people up. The crowd starts chanting for Eddie to F up David Starr, but Starr says back that if Eddie does, he will tear up Eddie’s contract. He says that tonight they are going to win their match because WRSTLING is really good at professional wrestling.


The crowd is very hot for this match, especially for the big man, Keith Lee. Chants of “Bask In His Glory” and “Keith Lee” are rampant. Starr tells Eddie to start the match against Dezmond but then changes his mind and tags himself in. Fast paced start until Dezmond delivers a beautiful standing dropkick onto Starr.

Dezmon tags in Zachary Wentz, and Wentz and Xavier hit some forearms and kicks onto Starr until Starr is finally able to tag in Jeff Cobb, who takes down both men. Keith Lee is tagged in and both big men get up to each other’s faces and you can cut the tension with a knife. They then start to chain wrestle and do things that men their size shouldn’t be able to do. The sequence finally ends with Lee is able to hit a hurricanrana onto Cobb. Wow.

Eddie and Wentz in the match, and Eddie is crushing Wentz with chops.

Cobb in the ring hits Wentz with multiple back breakers until he just throws him over his head across the ring like a ragdoll.

Wentz fights back and tags in Dez but ref is distracted and didn’t see it. Wentz gets put in the enemy’s corner and all three WRSTLING men start to take advantage of Wentz and Starr hits a low dropkick on Wentz in the corner.

Wentz fight back again but is driven into the opposite corner but then he is able to hit a standing enziguri and get Keith Lee the hot tag. Lee goes insane on everyone and knocks the WRSTLING team members to the outside. Wentz & Xavier hits dives to the outside which has Lee alone in the ring. He teases a dive and bounces off the ropes and hits an impossible summersault plancha to the outside onto the other 5 men.

Back in ring, Lee goes to powerbomb Starr,but he’s interrupted by a spinning fist from Kingston, which has him dropping Starr. Jeff Cobb comes in and hits the Tour of the Islands on Lee, making the ground shake and picking up the victory.

Winners in 16:20: WRSTLING

After match Keith Lee gets on mic and thanks his partners, saying he is incredulous at everything they do, and they are the future of wrestling. Lee says that he wants to tell the crowd that he has had fun in AAW and he wants to bask in their glory. He says he doesn’t know what the future holds, and it is unknown, but no matter what, he wants to say “Thank You”. This very much sounded like a goodbye, which normally means an exclusive deal, you know where.


Sami comes to the ring with a bat and slams it against the guard rail. The match starts fast paced and goes to the outside quickly. DJZ throws Sami and Joey to opposite sides in the crowd and proceeds to dive over the guard rails onto each man. DJZ goes back for Joey but Joey recovers and gets up and charges at DJZ and dives over onto he and Sami.

Back in the ring, Janela hits Sami with a package piledriver. DJZ recovers and takes both men out and hits Sami with a ZDT, but somehow Sami kicks out (with what seemed to be a three count, but who’s counting (not the ref)). DJZ jumps to the opposite corner and hits Janela with a top rope ZDT but he kicks out as well.

DJZ hits Sami with a ZDT but he kicks out? He then hits Janela with a top rope ZDT but he kicks out. Sami recovers and hits DJZ with a shoulder breaker to pick up the victory.

Winner: Sami Callihan


Backstage, ACH & Besties talk about their upcoming title matches. ACH says that the last week of WrestleMania week was grueling but he is going to come out on top. The Besties agree, and talk about them still having their gold after such a grueling week and tonight will be no different.


This match went by what seemed very quick. OI4K spent much of the beginning of the match hitting double team moves onto The Besties, and then tossing Fitchett to the outside. Vega comes back and takes advantage after hitting a summersault planca over the turnbuckle onto all three men on the outside.

Back inside, Jake hits a German on Fitchett. OI4K puts Fitchett on the top turnbuckle and hit a tandem superplex into a powerbomb, and Jake goes for the cover, but Vega comes from out of nowhere and rolls up Dave. The ref only sees Vega’s roll up and counts the three. OI4K thinks they’ve won, but The Besties are announced as still champions.

Winners and STILL AAW Tag Team Champions in 7:18– The Besties In The World


Wow. All I can really say is that this match alone is worth buying the DVD for. Beautiful chaos that showcased each man delivering brutality and each man took huge scary looking spots. Tables, ladders, and chairs, and even a Spanish Fly from the top of the bar in the audience to the floor. Fox wins after hitting Trey Miguel with a 450 Splash while he is laying on a ladder.

Winners: Myron Reed & AR Fox


The Lucha Brothers are backstage to comment on their match. Fenix says he’s going to win the championship back tonight. Pentagon says he’s going to beat Teddy Hart in their match tonight.


MJF cuts a promo first cutting Romero’s music. He says he watched my 500lb life and is concerned for Ace since he won’t be living very long. He said extends an olive branch to Ace but Ace refuses and starts to take it to MJF. He tosses MJF to the ground and climbs to the top and hits an incredible splash and goes for the cover but some how MJF kicks out!

The two make their way to the apron and MJF takes the advantage putting Ace between the ropes and then hitting him with an assisted piledriver. Ace fights back and hits MJF with a crazy destroyer which sends MJF to the outside. The crowd goes insane and Romero runs off the ropes and hits MJF with a big splash to the outside. Romero tosses MJF back in the ring and hits a spinning clothesline to pick up the victory.

WInne in 8:15 – Ace Romero

After match the match, MJF grabs a chair and cuts Romero’s celebration short when he attacks him with it, and the sound is sickening off Romero’s back, leaving him laying and struggling to get up.


The crowd is hot for this one as we have been waiting for this when when they teased it nearly 4 months ago. There are dueling chants for “Cero Miedo” and “Teddy Hart”

The two shake hands but Penta quickly turns that into quick strikes. The two go back and forth until Penta hits a chop that stops Teddy in his tracks. Hart fights back, but Penta reverses and hits another big chop, and follows it up by ripping the tank top off Teddy and then hitting him with another chop that everyone in the audience could feel.

Penta goes to pick up Hart, but Teddy rolls through and locks in a ankle lock. Penta is in excruciating pain but is able to get out and whips Teddy Hart hard into the turnbuckle, but Hart takes the momentum and turns it into a sunset flip and then throws Penta to the outside. Hart sets up on the apron and then hits an Asai Moonsault.

The crowd was really into this one until Teddy seemed to be grabbing at his arm. Penta seemed legit concerned and refused to continue, but Hart seemed determined to not let the match be stopped. Penta set up Hart in an arm breaking predicament and then wrenched on Hart’s opposite arm. He set Hart up and hit a package piledriver to pick up the victory.

Winner: Penta El 0M

After match, Penta asks for a rematch and says he’s not a winner, shakes Teddy’s hand. He then cuts a heartfelt promo in Spanish, saying that the wrestlers go out there every night and put their bodies on the line knowing that they can get hurt and that they do it for us. Tonight he is not a winner and he pleads with AAW to repeat this match because this is he match that everyone came to see.

After the match, PenTeddy gets on the mic and says that wresting is the best because they don’t get shoe deals or anything like that and they put their bodies on the line and we support them and pentagon is one of the best and PWG is meh and AAW IS AMAZING.


Odd match throughout, but Havok’s team and Dashwood came to go. Crowd was happy to see Kimber Lee return, and Tenille and Kimber start the match, collar and elbow and they split. Tenille with a shoulder block and then Irish whips Kimber and trips her up. Tenille tags in Hudson. Lee tags in Yung. Yung comes in with a kendo stick but Envy avoids it and then dodges the mist and then tags in Heights. Heights was in much of the match and the crowd seemed to have lost interest and she never really found her pace in the match.dodges and dodges mist and tags in Heights.

A lot of chaos at the end of the match, which allowed Dashwood to hit a superkick and Envy picked up the pinfall victory.

Winners: Tenille Dashwood, Hudson Envy, & Samantha Heights


Quick match with a lot of superkicks and fast paced action. One thing to note was ACH’s Flash Kick (AKA Falcon Kick), which is a springboard flipping kick while the opponent is on the top rope. ACH wins with a superplex followed by a brain buster.

WInner AND STILL AAW Champion: ACH

After the match, there were some people booing for the short match, but ACH let them know that he had a hectic week of wrestling, he’s beaten up and had just heard some horrible personal family news. So he dedicates this one to his father, and we here at ProWrestling.com send our best wishes to ACH and his family.


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