AAW Owner Jim Lynam: Discussing the Success of AAW Wrestling


AAW-Logo-black-borderAAW Wrestling is the premier wrestling organization in the Midwest Region showcasing top independent wrestling talent from all over the United States. Indy Wrestling talent such as Davey Richards, Michael Elgin, ACH, Kevin Steen, Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist), Monster Mafia (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page), Shane Hollister and various others. AAW Wrestling is owned and operated by two extraordinary gentlemen Daniel Davis Jim Lynam, two Chicago based guys with version of proving unique form of sports entertainment but more importantly give true wrestling fans something different (great storytelling and in ring action).

I had the honor of speaking with AAW Part Owner Jim Lynam to discuss briefly his business background, the success of AAW Wrestling and finally discuss the upcoming event AAW Wrestling’s Windy City Classics IX.


1). Jim, tells us about your business background and what inspired you to get involved in the wrestling industry?

Jim Lynam: “Well I was a host of big Morning Radio Show in Chicago, always been a lifelong wrestling. I attend several independent wrestling events in the Chicagoland Area over the last several years. My other AAW Wrestling Co-Owner Daniel Davis as many people may or may not know worked for various wrestling organization WWE and ECW. Danny worked at AAW Wrestling as the booker during which current ownership around that time were interested in selling the company. Danny approached me and throughout the idea of buying AAW Wrestling and I quickly jumped at the idea. I never thought in my wildest dream I would own a professional wrestling organization. I would been happy if I own a simple wrestling ring. I had several discussions with Danny about the land out of the company and how we could recruit talent to perform for AAW Wrestling. Well, Danny had a lot of contacts throughout the wrestling industry, place some phone calls and talent started arriving, things were starting to take shape”.


2). Jim explain the difficulty of running an Indy Wrestling Promotion?

Jim Lynam: “Money, Money and Money, it takes a lot of money to properly operate a professional wrestling organization. As an owner it’s my responsibility not to take money out of the company, but to put money back into the company. Most Indy Wrestling Promotion, fail to focus on the growth of company. An owner should never go into the wrestling business thinking you become rich, it’s not that simple, you truly have to love and have passion for professional wrestling in order for your company to grow. Another difficulty of running a professional wrestling company is marketing, getting your name out their not only to fans but to potential wrestling talent. AAW Wrestling prides itself by providing good adult leaning and edgy entertainment, also provide our loyal fan base consistent storytelling that’s relatable. Providing good quality entertainment is not easy, we sincerely hope we put together a formula which will grow our company and reward our fans”.


3). Jim, what mindset a person must have in order to run a Wrestling Promotion and what type of people he or she should surround themselves with in order to be successful Wrestling Promotion?

Jim Lynam: “An owner must have guys whom are loyal and trustworthy as it relates to handling money, looking for a building to lease, and provide good sound qaulity.  Danny and I hardly disagree on everything but we play different roles and undertake different responsibilities, were great partners and teammates”.


4).Why does AAW Pro Wrestling prides itself on being the stand out promotion of the Midwest, combining hard hitting/smash mouth wrestling with an amazing production level that leads the way in professional wrestling.

Jim Lynam: “AAW Wrestling came a long ways, and look at we’re we are today. We did not start out recruiting big name talent, we started off recruiting local guys whom we’re standouts in the local independent wrestling market. My personal definition of wrestler, someone who have great character, get people attention and not just wrestle.  AAW Wrestling want our talent to have great characters which fans can connect with consistent and provide good in ring performances.  Many great wrestlers came through AAW Wrestling such as Tyler Black known as Seth Rollins in the WWE.  Tyler Black was trained by Danny Davis, afterward went to Ring of Honor, shortly after becoming ROH World Heavyweight Champion, he signed a developmental deal with the WWE. It goes to show you, AAW Wrestling provides great wrestlers, great wrestling, compelling storytelling, fast pace action, and energize crowd. We try to make our events upbeat and face pace as possible, so fans do not become bored and restless. So between matches we show videos of past events, promos and interviews previewing the next upcoming match.  We approach each event like a radio program the action must be fast pace and entertaining”.


5). Jim, what is AAW Pro Wrestling’s overall plan on expanding its product beyond the Chicago, IL market? Does AAW Pro Wrestling look at other Indy Promotions as competition moving forward?

Jim Lynam: “Our top priority getting our product on the internet which will expanded our product not only here in the United States but internationally, seek more advertising and sponsorship dollars. AAW Wrestling will strive to make our shows perfect as humanly possible. People ask me all the time about why you don’t take your product on the road. The cost of taking your product on the road is out of this world, the financial lost out weighs its benefits unfortunately. Right know it’s not in the best interest for AAW Wrestling to take our product on the road. My mission in 2014 is to get AAW Wrestling name out there to the world. I will conduct many podcast/blog interviews as possible to spread the name of AAW Wrestling”.


6). How does AAW Pro Wrestling goes about recruiting talent?

Jim Lynam: “Well as stated earlier we started out recruiting local talent, now its word of mouth, and guys are telling other guys about our promotion knowing we’re not messing around. I remember Rich Swann showed up one time and asked could we use him, and we said of course. Rich Swann is biggest up and coming rising stars in the independent circuit. We been blessed to have an incredible roster of performers such as Davey Richards, Kyle O’Reilly, Monster Mafia, Irish Airborne and various others. Plus when wrestlers show up at the Berwyn Eagles Club, they will see our crowds are insane and loud almost like the Thunder Dome or Roman Coliseum it’s either thumbs up or thumbs down. The Berwyn Eagles Club hold around three hundred people, our security metal rails are five feet away from the ring, so the action is right in your face”.


7). Jim, tells us about your upcoming event AAW Windy City Classic IX. What match do you personally look forward to seeing at AAW Windy City Classic XI?

Jim Lynam: “AAW Wrestling presents Windy City Classics IX Saturday November 30th, 2013 from the famous Berwyn Eagles Club, our main event for AAW World Heavyweight Championship Kevin Steen vs. Shane Hollister. Kevin Steen is one of my favorite wrestlers, great guy to be around always, its funny going back to the whole recruiting question. Kevin Steen actually contacted us via twitter asking how he get could involve with AAW Wrestling, so we jumped at the opportunity. Shane Hollister what can you say, he a tremendous athlete and my goal for 2014 is to get his name out there in the New Year.  We have the AAW Allegiance Tag Team Tournament featuring Irish Airborne vs. Silas Young and Jimmy Jacobs could potentially steal the show. Silas Young is getting better and better; Jimmy Jacobs been on fire all year. Monster Mafia vs. Zero Gravity should be an awesome match. Zero Gravity are not big guys, and they real surprise me with their performance inside the ring. Monster Mafia, unfortunately Josh Alexander got injured will not be participating in this weekend’s tournament, so he’s being replaced by Dragon Gate USA Superstar Ricochet. Finally we have Kyle O’Reilly vs. Ali and Heather Patera vs. Heidi Lovelace”.


8). How could fans in and around the Chicago, IL Area can get tickets to AAW Windy City Classic IX?

Jim Lynam: “Fans can go to www.aawrestling.com to receive your tickets, please come to event. I promise you’ll have an awesome time seeing great fast pace action, eat some chicken wings and drink some beer, enjoy professional wrestling it’s money well spent”.


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