AAW Unstoppable Results (11/24): New Champion Crowned, ACH & Trevor Lee Go The Distance



If you’ve seen a Colt Cabana match, you know how this one goes and that this was a fun one. It involved him saying “STOP” at David Starr and slapping him across the face, and Starr trying to do the same, but getting his hair pulled out of his chest. The end came when David Starr put Matt Sydal in a leg submission, forcing Sydal to tap out.

Winners in 13:08 – WRSTLING

After the match, Starr puts Eddie on the mic and WOW what a promo. He started off by bashing announcer/commentator Sarah Shockey, commentator Marty DeRosa, the continued with the crowd, and capping it off by bashing on the Chicago Bears (who are in first place by the way). It was incredible. He went on to say that he will never face off against ACH again.


This was the one that I’m sure you’ve heard about already. Most left talking about this one, and what started as a technical, slow paced match, ended as one of the classics at AAW. Lee started the match by not talking on the mic at all, which was very uncharacteristic of him.

Lee and ACH started off extremely technical, with the ground game, and the crowd could tell right away that something seemed off. The two men paced themselves a lot throughout the beginning of the match.

About 30 minutes in, Trevor grabbed the mic and called ACH a bitch repeatedly. ACH retorted back and called Trevor a bitch, and then fought back. It was around that time that the crowd realized what was happening….and that these guys might go ALL THE WAY.

With about 15 minutes left, the guys turned it up, and turned it up, and turned it up some more. ACH ended up going for a frog splash and Trevor getting his knees up. The crowd was at full attention, which was amazing considering the amount of time these guys had been going at it. The bell rang and we were informed that they had reached the 60 minute time limit, and the referee declared this one a draw.

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Winner: Time Limit Draw

After the match, ACH got on the mic and he says that he has 5 more minutes in him, and that Trevor should put the title on the line to make it more interesting. Trevor agrees, but before the match can restart, Eddie Kingston attacks ACH and they leave him laying.

DJZ comes out and saves ACH. He tells Trevor that they have a match on December 8th at LaSalle for the Heritage Championship.


MJF was….MJF. And MJF always has a lot to say.

Sami retaliated with a slap and a sitout piledriver and went for the pin, but MJF kicked out! They proceeded to fight all over the place, and MJF was a bloody mess. Sami hit MJF with a trashcan, he hit him with chairs, the fight went into the crowd….it was great.

Sami ended up picking up the victory after a sitout piledriver onto a chair.

 Winner in 19:41 – Sami Callihan

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