AAW Unstoppable Results (11/25): Rey Fenix vs. Jimmy Jacobs, New Champion Crowned (Photos)

Zema Ion

Photo Credit: Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

AAW Unstoppable
November 25th, 2017
Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, IL
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

As previously mentioned, I was able to attend AAW in Chicago, IL, and as always, the show delivered. There were ZERO bad matches on the card, and just when I thought that a match would have solidified itself as match of the night, another match came and topped it. Every talent came out to perform, and the crowd was HOT all night.

The show started out with commentator Phil Colvin who was preparing to partake in his final show with AAW. Special thanks to Phil for all the energy he put in, and infused into the audience right from the start of each and every show. Phil said that he was part of this company when they were just trying to get 100 people in the door, and it is now one of the most respected companies in the country. He was very classy and took the time to thank several people including Mike Pekovich, Danny Daniels, Jim Lynam, and more, including the audience. He finished off by saying how happy he was to be a small part of many wrestlers stories as they have come through the doors.

Make sure to check out the full gallery at the bottom of this post!

Match 1- OI4K defeated Airbuds (Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel) in 9:17

The match started with a hand shake between Dave and Trey Miguel as the face turn continues with OI4K. Miguel went for the early roll up with a bridge, but it was broken up with a splash from Jake from the top rope

The match quickly made its way to the outside and continued with big splashes from Wolf followed by a summersault plancha from Trey onto Dave that landed right in my lap. With Dave out, that led to Trey holding both members  of OI4K on the outside of the turnbuckle and Wolf doing a summersault over the ringpost onto the two men.

The action was fast and furious on the outside, Trey received a back body drop onto the edge of the ring, Wolf jumped off ring apron drop kicking Dave. Action finally got back in when Trey set up Dave for a superplex but was interrupted by Jake. Wolf down in center of the ring, double stomp from Dave. Trey inadvertently kicked Wolf, and Dave delivered a ddt to Trey.  Wolf came in for the save, and hit a blue thunder bomb on Dave but Jake came in and hit him with a cutter.

The amazing spot came when Trey went to hit a splash from the top onto Jake, but Dave intercepted him diving off the adjacent rope and caught him in midair for a Crist Cutter, and somehow Trey still kicked out at two.

Another great spot came when Stephen Wolf held up Jake, and Trey delivered a Doomsday Device-like maneuver with double knees, a LONG way down. The pin was broken up by a super kick from Dave.

Finish came when OI4K hit Stephen wolf with a spike tombstone piledriver off the top. Great opening match.

Interview: Besties In The World 

Marty DeRosa came out to introduce the two men he was going to interview, the AAW Tag Team Champions, The Besties In The World. Huge pop for the besties, but then Marty Derosa introduced the men individually and Dave Vega got a TON of heat from the crowd.

When DeRosa asked the champs if they are on the same page after months of what seemed to be a break, Fitchett said they are, and would be defending the titles any time anywhere.

Vega took over the mic and was booed heavily to where he was drowned out and couldn’t talk. He went on to say that he is the backbone of the team and that they’d be nowhere without them. After the crowd continued showing their distaste for Vega, he said that the crowd doesn’t deserve a championship match.

Out comes Connor Braxton, Nick Brubaker, Jake Something, and Curt Stallion. Then 4 men surrounded the ring and say that they deserve a championship match. As the men prepared to attack the Tag Team Champions, Paco came out to save the Besties, but Braxton says it’s still 4-3. Out comes Colt Cabana to a huge pop, who says let’s make this match. Vega says he’s not dressed for this and leaves the ring and the other men to fend for themselves.

Match 2: Jake Something, Connor Braxton, Curt Stallion, & Nick Brubaker defeated Colt Cabana, PACO, & The Besties In The World in 13:39

There wasn’t much in notes taken in this match, as Colt Cabana has a rule kids: Do not be caught texting during his match. Fortunately, I remembered his rule about 2 minutes into his match so I promptly put my phone away.

The match started furiously and had a lot of comedy including most of Colt’s normal schtick. The match started with Colt and Jake Something, who really held his own in the ring, taking a good amount of the beatdown and also showing off his offensive skill. They also did a bit where every man from Cabana’s team started to body slam each member of Braxton’s team, but PACO had trouble lifting Braxton, so Colt and Fitchett promptly helped PACO slam the big man over.

Eventually, Davey Vega, who had left before the match, came back in full gear to help his team, starting with pulling Colt Cabana off the ring apron to get a tag for himself.

Unfortunately for Vega, his help didn’t help much. The match finished with Jake Something pinning Paco after a Deep Six in the middle of the ring.

Match 3: Shane Strickland defeated Fred Yehi in 14:31

This was Yehi’s debut match in AAW, and the crowd was pretty split on the two men. Chain wrestling with both men trying to get the strength and speed advantage, ending in a stalemate.

Yehi got the advantage of Strickland with some focus to his knee, and Yehi was impressive throughout the match, even making a foot stomp look like it really hurt and being quick before exchanging chops with Strickland in the corner.

Strickland was able to get to momentarily get the advantage, putting some submissions on Yehi,  but Yehi came back with a HUGE drop kick driving Strickland into the corner. Yehi began working on Stickland’s arms, but Strickland was able to counter with an enziguri and followed it up by an amazing rolling cutter.

Yehi was able to come back with an impressive flurry of offense, that included an arm wrench that was so hard it drove Strickland’s head into the mat, and then finished it with a stomp to the back of Strickland’s head. He then picked up Strickland and hit two incredible backstabbers and followed it up with a fisherman brain buster but Strickland still kicked it at two!

The match ended when Strickland was able to slip out of a superplex, and hit a knee strike knocking Yehi in the corner, and followed it up with a big boot, sending Yehi into the mat. Strickland hit his Swerve Stomp for the pin fall.

Match 4: Myron Reed defeated Flip Gordon in 10:22

Myron Reed never fails to put on a good show, and Flip Gordon got a pretty good pop since he has been featured in recent episodes of Being The Elite. The match started very back and forth with both men popping right back up from shoulder blocks and taunting each other and acting pretty cocky while at it.

Both men competed with their athleticism, dodging attacks creatively, including Flip doing several kip ups, and avoiding a kick by doing a hand stand, but Myron finally got the advantage when he kicked Gordon while in a hand stand. High flying moves throughout the match and Myron Reed was able to pick up the victory with a Spanish fly.

Match 5: Eddie Kingston & AR Fox defeated WRSTLING (David Starr & Trevor Lee)

The bout started verbally on the outside with promos by Trevor lee and David Starr. Both do a great job on the mic, with Trevor Lee being a fantastic heel and announcing himself as IMPACT Wrestling star, and telling us we we have seen many 5 star matches, but in this match, you will only see two stars, and that is Trevor Lee and David Starr. David Starr took over the mic and showed why he is a true wizard on the mic. Everything he says is believable, and he has been one of the pleasures in the past year with AAW. He went on with his many nicknames(impressively remembering all of these), including:

  • The Cream In Your Coffee
  • Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler
  • The Jewish Cannon
  • The Physical Embodiment of Charisma
  • The Most Entertaining Man In Professional Wrestling
  • The Bernie Sanders of Professional Wrestling
  • Mr. Americanrana
  • Davey Wrestling
  • The 104-Minute Man
  • The Main Event
  • He’s Really Good At Twitter
  • The King of Talk
  • The Product

He finished it saying he was the man who made Eddie Kingston quit. They have built a very good feud over the last few months, and it continued tonight with Starr saying he made Eddie tap and he’s going to do it again. Before you knew it, Eddie was delivered a suicide dive to Starr into the barricade right in front of me and AR Fox did a 450 off the top rope to the outside onto Trevor lee. Hell of a way to start the match.

I had to stop writing at this point, because I was so captivated and this was legitimately the match of the night at that point and the 2nd best of the night in my opinion.

The match stayed on the outside for several minutes, with Fox and Kingston beating down Lee and Starr before making its way back into the ring. Inside, the action was no different, especially with the two teams really showing their dislike for each other. Hard hitting match to say the least, and even included AR Fox delivering a superplex to David Starr while standing on Eddie Kingston’s back. It was pretty great. Eddie delivered his usual hard hits, hard chops, and killer spinning backfists.

The match finished up when OI4K came to distract WRSTLING and allow AR Fox to roll up David Starr for the three count.

After the match WRSTLING was very upset about the finish and the interference and tried attacking Eddie Kingston and AR Fox but they were able to fend them off and send WRSTLING packing.

Eddie Kingston got on the mic and challenged David Starr to a match at the next show in 115 Bourbon Street on December 30th and gave Starr the advantage to choose any stipulation he wanted. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a submission match or another “I Quit” match considering Starr’s shirt saying “Eddie Quit”. That will be a must see.

MATCH 6: ACH defeated Sammy Guerava in 16:33

Fast paced match here as expected with the match very back and forth with ACH taking the advantage after Sammy flipped ACH the double birds but ACH took exception and grabbed his finger and bent it backwards. ACH was thrown to the outside and Sammy flipped the bird to the crowd and started doing a snow angel in the middle of the ring.

Throughout the match ACH was really selling a rib injury, but was able to hit several high impact moves including his massive frog splash. I’m not sure how legitimate this injury was considering ACH came out with taped up ribs and at one point could be seen bleeding from the mouth.

Later in the match, Sammy started to take control and ACH made his way out of the ring and into the crowd to avoid being hit, but Sammy did a huge summersault plancha onto ACH into the crowd, most likely kicking some unsuspecting fans in the face.

Finish came when Sammy went for a 630 but hit ACHs knees, allowing ACH to hit his Brainbuster

After the match, ACH went to shake hands with Sammy but Sammy left the ring and flicked off ACH again

Match 7: AAW Heritage Championship: Penta El 0M(c) vs. DJ Z in 10:12

Wow, what a match. DJ Z made his way to the ring in his impressive light suit, that is really an experience (and in my opinion puts Naomi’s glow entrance to shame). The match started with DJ Z flipping over the top onto Penta El 0M as he entered the arena.

The match quickly made its way to the outside, and with Penta down, DJ Z leapt through the turn buckles onto Penta sending both men crashing. After that DJ Z threw Penta into the crowd, and got into the ring and dove onto the Heritage Champion in a very RVD type manner, and both their bodies were sprawled on the ground in the middle of the audience.

Just when we thought this wasn’t enough, DJ Z did something I didn’t think I would ever see in the Logan Square Auditorium, and to really appreciate it, you would have to know how high the balcony viewing area is from the 1st floor. Check out the photo I took from the balcony to really get an idea.

Back in the ring, Penta was finally able to deliver a pump handle half nelson driver and follow it up with his Fear Factor piledriver and take advantage of the match. DJ Z, relentless and looking to put on a great show was able to come back and deliver his ZDT. Penta was able to kick out however and put DJ Z in a predicament where he wrenched on DJ Z’s arm, and looked to have broken his arm. DJ Z recovered when he escaped a destroyer and pushed Penta into the corner. Penta in the corner, super kicked a charging DJ Z and sat on the top rope. DJ Z ran back and delivered his ZDT from the top rope to pick up the surprise upset, and the victory to become the NEW AAW Heritage Champion! Congrats to DJZ, who we interviewed just a few months back on continuing his success, and he looks to continue it when he faces off against Ethan Page in LaSalle next week.


Match 8: AAW Heavyweight Championship – Rey Fenix (c) defeated Jimmy Jacobs in 15:19

Jimmy Jacobs made his in-ring return to AAW and challenged Rey Fenix for the championship. Very fun match to end the night, Jimmy Jacobs really showing off his charisma, while Fenix displayed his usual acrobatics.

There was on point where the crowd really thought Jacobs was going to come out victorious when he delivered a guillotine choke he calls End Timesto Fenix and had him down on the mat with no place to go, but Fenix was able to power out and deliver a sit out piledriver. Jacobs was able to hit his Contra Code once but Fenix kicked out. As he went to deliver it a second time, Fenix was able to counter and put Jacobs over his shoulder and deliver another piledriver. Fenix went for the pin, to which Jacobs kicked out, but Fenix turned the pin into a Rings of Saturn allowing him to pick up the victory via submission.

Great way to end the night and one of the best put together shows that I’ve seen AAW produce to date. Can’t wait to see what they produce next week at the Knights of Columbus in LaSalle, IL. See you all there!


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