Absent WWE Superstars Returning on Monday’s Raw

Several top WWE superstars are scheduled for tomorrow night’s Raw from the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA.

The official website for the Roanoke Civic Center is advertising Chris Jericho for the event. The Miz, who has been away filming a new movie, is also scheduled to make a return.

F4WOnline.com is reporting that Brock Lesnar will also be on hand for the event to continue his on-going storyline with Triple H.

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  • abc man

    So as you’d expect then.


  • I think the Passed WWE superstars were more believe able at what they were doing ,today all the high flyers are only good to watch but the story lines, bret hart and shaun ,steve austin the rock and a few under taker and more were very believe able ,wwe needs to get bigger guys

    • Mitchell Nance

      So the company known for favoring meat heads and “hosses” over skilled workers should look to hire bigger guys? Are you for real?

      • Yes the impact was much better then ,with bigger guys ,just made more believe able and people like rick flair and mick ,retiring and keep coming back ,please why , above all Vince Mcmahon is KING he made them ALLL,I love that guys brains,
        look at hhh and brock so believe able , best story line to come out of wwe after a long time , hhh is very good and can pull off anything ,

  • there are a few older guys that are in the wwe now who should just walk away ,ric flair , man kind , and a few others who just go from promotion to promotion just for a pay check , They were good at the time today ,they mean nothing ,

  • hemanthjava

    Brock is scheduled to appear at the 5/6 WWE RAW taping this Monday night in Roanoke, Virginia.


  • trikky143k

    I was totally hoping for Captain Charisma!