ACH Addresses His WWE Status, His Issues With Jay Lethal, Mental Health Issues & More


ACH recently took part in a Twitter Q&A where he addressed tons of topics that fans have been wandering, from his WWE status to his mental health battles.

ACH started off by addressing whether or not he was officially gone from WWE, answering a question about whether he could move on from WWE.

“Legally, no. Mentally, yes,” ACH responded.

Speaking of his future, ACH admitted that New Japan is his dream destination over AEW.

“New Japan, not that I got anything against AEW, but New Japan, I love New Japan,” ACH said. I feel like I got a lot more left to accomplish there.”

ACH also opened up about his mental health, admitting that WWE’s t-shirt triggered issues from his past.

“The thing about the mental health, I do suffer with anxiety and I do suffer with depression and I can have bad mood swings sometimes, but that doesn’t mean when I speak out it doesn’t have any meaning behind it,” ACH said. “The t-shirt triggered things from my past and it all came up at once, and a lot of anger from my past came up with it, as well. That caused me to come at people the way that I did. Again, I’m not gonna apologize for what I said. What I said, I meant it.”

He also touched on his issues with Jay Lethal, admitting there is a full story behind it, but he is keeping that private.

“There’s a huge story behind it, and to be fair and respectful, I won’t disclose that story,” ACH responded. “I won’t disclose that story because I won’t throw more salt on his name that I already have. I think any issues between him and I—now that it’s out there, I’m cool, I’m straight, it is what it is, you know what I mean? But our beef is our beef. There may not be any beef—to be fair—there ain’t no beef on my end. I said what I had to say and I’m done. I’m done with it, I got everything off my chest, it’s out there in the public eye. If anybody wants to know, your best bet is to ask him, or ask around, there were a ton of people around.”

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