ACH Claims He Is “Quitting Pro Wrestling” After Recent Twitter Rant


In a short string of tweets sent on Saturday afternoon, ACH announced that he was cancelling his upcoming bookings and quitting the pro-wrestling business.

“I hate pro wrestling. I hate you shitty fans that think you know it all! More importantly I hate the snakes in this industry. None of y’all would never say anything about me to me. All of y’all can go screw yourselves. I’m canceling my shows AND I’m quitting pro wrestling. Chasing my dream was great, but you self entitled pricks ruin EVERYTHING. I’m out.”

ACH recently returned to the independent wrestling scene after requesting, and being granted his release from WWE. His last match was at this past week’s MLW television tapings in New York, teaming up with MMA veteran King Mo to take on Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil.