ACH Reflects On Calling Jay Lethal “Uncle Tom,” Recalls A Past Incident Between Them


ACH got the entire wrestling world talking when he called out WWE back in fall of 2019 about a t-shirt design the company made for him which he felt was racist. The situation ultimately led to him leaving the company, but while complaining about WWE he took a shot at Jay Lethal, calling him an “Uncle Tom” in the process.

ACH recently spoke with the Submission Squad radio show where he reflected on the decision where he admitted that he probably shouldn’t have called him that. However, ACH also reflected on a previous incident that they had together from when they were in ROH, which led to Lethal slapping him.

“When I got into ROH, I was excited to be sharing a locker room with Lethal. I’m in a locker room with another African-American who is very well respected, it’s another guy I can learn from. I was excited about that. I feel like I didn’t get that love. I felt like I got a lot of the shaft. The day that he slapped me was the day I was like, ‘Yeah, never.’ I still feel like he was trying to punk me in front of everybody. There was this idea that if you put your hands on me, I wouldn’t fight back. I guess that was what he was trying to prove, like I’m a punk. The thing between him and I, with me calling him an Uncle Tom, maybe I should have not called him that. I should have used something else. But I was angry and upset. At the time, I felt like he was an Uncle Tom. Now, I can call him something different, but I was upset. People have to understand the relationship between him and I. He put his hands on me, it was personal. I held a lot of resentment for him for that,” he said. (H/T to for the transcriptions.)