Actor Liev Schreiber to Play Chris Benoit In “Crossface” Movie


– reports that actor Liev Schreiber has been tapped to play Chris Benoit in a movie about the tragic double murder-suicide. The movie is titled Crossface and is written by Sarah Coulter.

The movie will reportedly cover Benoit’s life from the early days in his career through the final days of his life where he murdered his son and wife. Several WWE stars including Triple H and Vince McMahon will be portrayed.

Here is a photo of Schreiber:

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  1. Do we really need this. Even the police had to guess how things went down, so again is this needed?

  2. yeah this is in poor taste…I hate the way they even said murdered in this article – like he was some psycho killer villain. Too much alcohol, rough sex and the brain of an 80 yr old alzheimer’s patient lead to his wife’s death (I say MURDER is way too much)…then all f***ed up he did what he thought was right (which was WAY WRONG) by killing the little boy…I mean he placed bibles beside them – not really the work of an EVIL man…just a terribly f***ed up situation. What he did was wrong – but imagine the horrible place he was in at the time – that’s just as brutal….a total tragedy not a double MURDER (so to speak)…

    • agreed it was clear when benoit put bibles next to them and killed himself that he knew he did wrong , he died a human being.

  3. and besides NO ONE ants to see this revisited…wrestling took a big hurt when this happened initially…shame on all involved.

    • You said wrestling took a big hit. Wrestling is a big organization that can take care of its self I’m more concerned about Nancy and Chris’s love ones. He had an illness cause by brain damage from drugs and shots to the head. Chris killed his wife and his son because he was sick with a form of dementia. Verne Gagne killed his roommate in a nursing home. Chris was said to be the same age as an 83 year old man mentally. Verne is in his 80’s and was acquitted. People might want to look into this disease.

  4. People make movies all the time to explain the actions of people who kill; unfortunately, it’s never a benefit for the family of the victim. Now, if the proceeds were to go to more research and possible a cure for the illness he had then that would be a good thing.


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