Adam Cole Postpones One-Year Title Celebration, Demands Live Negotiation On WWE NXT


Earlier this year, Adam Cole passed up a record previously set by Finn Balor to become the longest reigning NXT Champion to ever hold the belt. On June 1st, he will set another record as the first person to hold that title for a full calendar year.

Cole marched to the ring this Wednesday night on WWE NXT and yelled into the camera that next week’s broadcast would feature a huge celebration in honor of his great accomplishment. However, after once again finding himself fending off The Velveteen Dream, those plans have evidently changed.

Dream involved himself in The Undisputed Era’s business following a match between Roderick Strong and Dexter Lumis this Wednesday night. After saving Lumis from a 3-on-1 beatdown, he climbed to the top rope and delivered a sky-high Purple Rainmaker all the way to the floor, nearly collapsing the chest of the champion.

After the show, Cole demanded interview time and declared that next week’s championship celebration would have to be put on hold. Instead, he will be demanding a live negotiation with NXT GM William Regal, and claims that the two figure out how to make the Velveteen Dream “disappear forever”.

While not confirmed, it’s likely that Cole and Dream will face off in some kind of stipulation match at the upcoming NXT Takeover: In Your House special.