Adam Cole Reveals Who Inspired The ‘Bay Bay’ Chant


NXT Champion, Adam Cole recently spoke with The SunSport where he discussed the popular ‘Bay Bay’ chant, revealing who inspired him to do it.

Adam Cole credited Chris Jericho and Joey Mercury for being the inspirations behind doing it.

“I still am a massive Chris Jericho fan and when he was in WCW shouting ‘come on baby’, I thought it was so obnoxious,” said Cole. “The actual idea of yelling my name and putting ‘bay bay’ at the end was I saw Joey Mercury. He was wrestling the Independents as Joey Matthews, at a Maryland Championship Wrestling show and he was beating a guy up. Throughout the whole match he would throw his fists up in the air and shout ‘Joey Matthews’, over and over again to the point where people hated it so much. I thought that was so brilliant. For anyone who had never been to a wrestling show before, they were going to leave there remembering his name. So for the first six years that I did it, people would boo or just not respond at all. It was not something that people did with me, at all.”

Cole also went on to discuss when he first did the chant during his WWE NXT debut, admitting he was pleased to know it got the reaction, meaning he could continue to do it in WWE.

“Even when the three of us debuted at TakeOver for NXT (before Roderick Strong joined), I remember us walking up the ramp, having never been in NXT before. I could tell they were excited and I thought ‘screw it, I am going to do ‘Adam Cole Bay Bay’ to see how it goes and everyone did it. I was like ‘oh, great I can do it here too.'”

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