Adam Rose Opens Up On How Bad Things Were Towards The End Of His WWE Run


In a recent interview with The Orlando Sentinel to promote his upcoming retirement match where he discussed the end of his WWE run.

Why he wants his retirement match to be against Bull Dempsey:

“We haven’t seen each other in a while, but I couldn’t have picked anyone better to do it with,” Rose said. “He was there for the birth of Adam Rose, and in a world where you make many acquaintances, he’s one of the few true friends I’ve made in the wrestling business. It hasn’t hit me yet that this is the end. I think I’ll be more emotional when I’m in the ring and it actually happens. But it’s time to go.”

On the end of his WWE run:

“I was an idiot at the end – a moron, a bumbling buffoon,” Rose said. “I made mistake after mistake, a lot of them out of self-sabotage because I was so unhappy. I developed a drug addiction and just acted out in every way. The fact that WWE let me leave on what I consider good terms and helped me get clean is a miracle.”

On AEW providing competition:

“I’m really happy that more companies are coming up to compete with WWE,” Rose said. “Everything is better when there’s competition – the creative teams push each other, wages go up, everybody’s happier, so they work harder.”

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