Adam Rose Reveals The Origin Of His Catchphrase & More

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Adam Rose spoke about his road to the WWE and revealed how he came up with his catchphrase (“don’t be a lemon, be a Rosebud”). Here are highlights:

On the origin of his catchphrase: “That was something I came up with. I feel like there’s two types of people in the world. There’s people who don’t enjoy Adam and don’t want to fun and don’t want to have a party, and I’m basically describing them as lemons, because they’re bitter. And then there’s people who want to have fun, who want to feel fulfilled, who what to be happy and who want to party with Adam, and they’re blooming. So I thought what better to call them than rosebuds. It’s a perfect explanation of the two types of people in the world. You get lemons who want to be bitter and unhappy, and then you get rosebuds who are willing to [promote] happiness and join Adam on his adventure.”

On his goals in wrestling: “[To make it to WWE] was the goal from the onset. I never wanted to work for any other company. I never wanted to do anything else. This is what I wanted to do. I knew South Africa was a stepping stone and a learning curve to get where I needed to be which was to perform at this level on this stage.”

On trying out for WWE in South Africa: “I was fortunate enough to be selected. I wasn’t selected at the end of the tryout, but I was selected a couple of months after. That was the moment where it all began, my adventures with WWE.”

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