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For decades the structure behind Pro Wrestling matches has often changed and gone with the ever-changing tastes of the fans. The aim of Professional Wrestling in the 21st Century is to try and make entertainment as compact and tightly packaged as possible. Hence, in an effort to utilize the already massive roster week to week we get the infamous “8-Man Tag”, a smorgasbord of heels and faces alike repeating the same turns and comebacks that we see on a weekly basis.

There a few different reasons why these big tag matches are starting to lose our attention…

For starters, the anatomy of the match has become very repetitive. The superstars involved always go through the same rudimentary storylines, it becomes very predictable as to who will make a comeback at the very end. It seems almost like a means of ensuring that all of their superstars were on TV for that week.

Secondly, the superstars involved. The superstars that are in these matches tend to be the same group of guys and in some instances go through the same moves and oftentimes result in the same finish. The face almost always makes an impossible and triumphant recovery, getting tagged in by a partner who is barely capable of crawling his way back to the corner in the nick of time, followed by a flurry of clotheslines and rallying jabs to his opponents.

And Lastly, the length of these matches. For the most part these are closing matches that usually end out an episode. However, these matches can sometimes seem to drag on forever. Some of these “8-Man Tags” that happen on Tuesday nights seem to start almost half-way through the program and fail to keep the viewer locked in. By starting so early in the show these matches almost tend to like filler, and most definitely serve the purpose.

In reality, there have still been some great 8-Man Tags over the years. The downside is that these types matches have been used so many times that they are starting to be less intriguing and less engaging. Why not replace them with gimmick matches such as the steel cage match, table match, or even a Tornado Tag? In the end, I pose the question to you the reader… Do these matches have a place in 2017?

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