ADR Posts Graphic Photo of His Back, Names Interviewed for Foley DVD

– reports that the following people were interviewed for the Mick Foley DVD that comes out on April 16th: Foley’s childhood friend Jim Gray, friend John Imbriani, Dominic Denucci, Shane Douglas, Michael Hayes, CM Punk, Vader, Terry Funk, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, William Regal, Big Show, ReganBooks founder Judith Regan, The Miz, The Rock and Foley’s daughter.

– After the beating from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter on last night’s RAW, Alberto Del Rio posted the following photo of the marks on his back:

“Enjoy this moment @RealJackSwagger @WWEZeb because you two made a mistake, I’m still on my feet,and i will break you both in pieces. Every mark on my body will be a broken bone for you. So start counting #PERROS”

Del Rio s back

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  • allan mccann

    how come swagger is not getting in s*** for how rough hes being these days. black eye on jericho,sincara with concusion,del rio back,made ryder cough up blood. none of this is kaykabe,that dudes just really harsh now.