AEW All Out Results (9/5): Moxley vs. MJF, New Champions Crowned, Who Won The Casino Battle Royal?



Matt Hardy is looking for Sammy Guevara, but Sammy rolls in in a golf cart! He tries to run down Matt Hardy, but Matt moves out of the way and grabs Sammy before hitting a DDT on the ground. Matt brings up Sammy on a scaffold, but its Sammy that knocks Matt off and through a table, but Matt hits very nasty on the back of his head on the concrete and it looks like he can’t continue. Referee Aubrey Edwards throws up the X and they stop the match.


Matt Hardy is able to get up and the cameras follow him towards the back…but Sammy Guevara attacks him! The referee restarts the match and the two continue throwing right hands. They climb yet another scaffold and this time Matt gets the better of Sammy before sending him flying off the scaffold and through a part of the set. The ref counts and Sammy is out!

Winner: Matt Hardy


We start with some chain wrestling, but Thunder Rosa gets a quick advantage, saying she’s the real champ. Shida  throws Rosa to the outside and gets out a chair to use as her launch pad, but Rosa runs and uses it herself with a running knee! She picks up Shida in the ring, but Shida slips out and hits a forearm! Rosa looks to hit a roundhouse, but Rosa gets caught and Shida tries to put in the Stretch Muffler! Rosa gets out and Shida hits her with a running knee to the face!

Shida gets the cover, but Rosa kicks out! The match makes its way to the apron and Rosa is able to pick up Shida and put her on her shoulders before hitting a Death Valley Driver on the hardest part of the ring! She rolls Shida into the center of the ring and she puts on an armor, but Shida is able to get to the ropes.

Both women up and Rosa gets pumped and runs at Shida, but Shida gets a low bridge and Rosa goes up and over onto the ramp. Shida gets onto the apron and hits a Meteora onto Rosa! She throws her back into the ring and hits a Falcon Arrow, but Rosa is able to kick out!

She picks her up again and hits her with a back breaker and then hits a running knee to pick up the victory.

Winner AND STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

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