AEW All Out Results (9/5): Moxley vs. MJF, New Champions Crowned, Who Won The Casino Battle Royal?



QT Marshall starts off the match and gets beaten down quickly. The Dark Order have continued tags as they don’t let him get to his order. Colt Cabana is tagged in and he’s a little slow, allowing QT to tag in Matt Cardona. Cardona comes in on fire and takes out Cold with a couple clotheslines and then slams Colt’s face into the mat. He looks to bounce off the ropes, but The Dark Order pulls down the ropes, slowing down his momentum.

Cardona back in and Stu Grayson gets the tag and hits Cardona with some strikes before tagging in Evil Uno. They hit brain buster on Cardona in the middle of the ring before attempting a cover, but Cardona kicks out. Cardona is finally able to tag in Scorpio Sky, who takes out everyone! We get some chaos including Anna Jay coming in, but Brandi Rhodes comes in and hits her with a pump kick!

We’re left in the ring with Brodie Lee and Dustin left in the ring and the two start exchanging right hands, but Brodie is able to surprise him with a spinning discus lariat! He tags in Colt, who goes up top and looks to hit a moonsault, but Dustin rolls out of the way! We got some confusion, but it allows Dustin to pick up the surprise roll up victory on Colt!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, & Matt Cardona

After the match, Brodie gets in the face of Colt Cabana and pushes him, which leaves Cabana confused.


Cash Wheeler and Kenny Omega start the match, but Hangman Page asks for a tag right away. Page gets in the ring and goes right after Wheeler! He is brutal and Harwood pulls him off, but Page sends him to the outside. Hangman makes the tag and now Wheeler is in the ring and Kenny and Hangman exchange chopping of Harwood.

Hangman throws Wheeler in the corner and Kenny tags himself in while Hangman holds him in place. Kenny climbs up top and drops down with an axe handle on Wheeler. Wheeler tags in Harwood, who gets in a waste lock on Page and brought down to the mat. Hangman is able to reverse that into a small package, but Harwood kicks out.

Cash Wheeler comes in and he sends Page to the outside and Harwood hits a boot to Page while the ref has his back turned. Page comes in and tags Kenny, who has a snap hurricanrana on Harwood and then a dropkick on Wheeler. Kenny is getting pumped up and he runs the ropes before jumping up and over to hit the Terminator Tope onto FTR.

Kenny hits a step up Enziguri onto Wheeler and then a step up knee onto Harwood. Kenny gets ready to hit another move, but Harwood holds the legs of Kenny, while Wheeler knocks Page of the apron and then goes after Kenny. He puts Kenny on the top rope and attempts a superplex, but Kenny pushes him off. Wheeler distracts the referee, which allows Harwood to push Kenny off. Harwood comes in this time and hits a superplex and Wheeler gets on the top rope and hits a big splash and goes for the cover, but Kenny kicks out at 2!

Kenny and Wheeler hits a dragon screw on the leg of Kenny and then Harwood puts in an inverted Figure 4! Kenny is in a lot of pain, but makes it to the ropes. Harwood starts to work on the knee of Omega with repeated stomps. He brings Kenny to the corner and then wraps his leg around the ring post. He starts to get up in the ring and can barely stand. Harwood looks to hit a clothesline, but Kenny ducks and hit a desperation Snap Dragon suplex!

Kenny finally tags in Hangman, who catches Wheeler in a crossbody and hits the fallaway slam before spring boarding on the outside onto Harwood! Hangman climbs to the top for his patented moonsault, but FTR moves to the other side! Hangman changes his position and hits a Swanton onto the outside on both men!

Back in the ring now, Wheeler hits Hangman with a forearm and then puts him on his shoulders. Harwood tags himself in and he nails a double team bulldog off the top! They go for the cover, but Page is able to kick out! Harwood gets to the top, but Kenny holds onto him and throws him off!

Now Kenny holds Wheeler, setting up Hangman for the Buckshot Lariat, but Wheeler ducks. Hangman tries to hold him now for Kenny to hit the V-Trigger, but Wheeler moves and the V-Trigger hits Hangman! Wheeler hits a chop block on Omega, sending him out of the ring. FTR pick up Page and hit him with TWO spike piledrivers to pick up the victory.

Winners AND NEWWWW AEW World Tag Team Champions: FTR

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