AEW All Out Results (9/5): Moxley vs. MJF, New Champions Crowned, Who Won The Casino Battle Royal?



Jericho starts the match with a Code Breaker and goes for a cover! 1…..2…….OC kicks out. Jericho quickly tries to catapult Cassidy into the Mimosa tub, but Cassidy stops himself just barely from going in. Cassidy and Jericho battle around the ring and Cassidy throws him into the barricade. They start to battle near the vat of mimosa and both men almost go in. They finally get to the ring and Cassidy hits a Michinoku driver in the middle of the ring and goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out barely at 2.

Both men back up and start to exchange right hands, but Jericho is able to put Cassidy on his back and then locks in the Walls of Jericho! Cassidy pulls himself towards the mimosa and grabs a bottle and fills it with Mimosa before throwing it in the face of Jericho.

The two men back on their feet and Cassidy hits a tornado DDT, stunning Jericho. Cassidy gets on the top rope and jumps at Jericho and Jericho counters with a Code Breaker and goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out at 2!

Jericho climbs to the top rope and Cassidy surprises Jericho with the Orange Punch, sending Jericho flying into the pool of Mimosa to pick up the victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy


Got some grappling to start the match, and MJF is showing his speed. Moxley tries to shoot on MJF, but MJF sprawls and gets a headlock on Moxley. Moxley tries to make his way to his feet and he tosses MJF off the ropes, but one again, MJF gets the headlock and takes down Moxley in a headlock takeover. He yells at the crowd, telling them they’re getting wrestling tonight!

Moxley gets to the outside and he invites MJF to the outside, but MJF says no. He asks the crowd if he wants him out there and he flicks them off. Moxley comes back in and MJF goes to the outside, outsmarting him. Moxley jumps to the outside but now MJF gets back on the inside.

We get some more wrestling and MJF once again gets to the outside. Moxley feigns getting to the outside, but MJF gets back in and Moxley outsmarted him. He tosses him back out and then hits MJF with a suicide dive! The match makes its way to the outside and Moxley throws MJF into the barricade. The match finally makes its way back into the ring and now MJF starts to work on the shoulder of Moxley. He hits him with an overhead throw by the shoulder.

MJF grabs Moxley an Irish Whips him shoulder first into the corner and Moxley goes to the outside! Moxley is able to send MJF into the ring post and MJF is busted open! MJF goes after Moxley and Moxley delivers a side slam on the outside! Moxley is still favoring shoulder, but back back in the ring he is able pick up MJF and hit him with a big piledriver. He goes for the cover but MJF is able to kick out.

Moxley puts him on the top rope and MJF gets out and MJF is able to stomp right on the shoulder of Mox! The two up and now they’re exchanging right hands, but Moxley finishes the exchange with a brutal clothesline, but MJF kicks out of the cover!

Moxley is frustrated and looks to hit the Paradigm Shift, but the referee convinces him not to! MJF uses the distraction to bring him down for the Salt of the Earth arm bar. Moxley is writing in pain, but he’s just barely able to make it to the ropes!

The two make it to their knees and start talking trash to each other and then start going back and forth with right hands! They get back to their feet and start to exchange knee strikes and Moxley goes for the sleeper, but MJF pulls the referee close and hits a mule kick low blow on Moxley! MJF goes for the cover, but Moxley just barely kicks out!

Wardlow gets on the ring apron and distracts the referee and uses that distraction to throw the ring at MJF! MJF doesn’t catch it and it ends up on the floor. He finally finds it and looks right up at Moxley! Moxley sees the referee is still distracted and uses that for a Paradigm Shift and picks up the victory

Winner: Jon Moxley

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