AEW DARK Results (10/8): Darby Allin vs CIMA, Britt Baker in Action, Jurassic Express vs SCU – Watch the Show Here


October 8, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Every Tuesday night at 8/7c All Elite Wrestling brings you dark matches from the previous week’s television tapings in a brand new format called AEW DARK. You can watch the entire show in the video above.


Allin takes a second to soak it all in but CIMA rushes him with double knees in the corner. Allin fights back with hard elbows and a springboard armdrag sending him to the floor, then follows with a dropkick and a series of tope suicidas, throwing his whole body at him. He goes for an early Coffin Drop but CIMA had it scouted rolling out of the way and sends him head-first into the post. A modified Stretch Muffler is applied but Allin starts throwing headbutts to break the hold and starts working over his opponent’s knee. CIMA gets a swinging DDT from the second rope, but it’s not enough.

The two start trading forearms and chops until Allin jumps into a wild float-over stunner and heads to the top rope. CIMA again has the Coffin Drop scouted and gets his legs up, then follows with a Backstabber for two. He keeps the pressure on with knees to the back and neck, then comes off the top rope with a nasty Meteora to the back of the head – still not enough. Allin kicked out so hard he flipped himself over. CIMA heads to the top turnbuckle going to the well again with the Meteora but Allin rolls out of the way and he crushes his knees. Allin with the Yoshi Tonic and the Coffin Drop connects this time for the pin.

Winner: Darby Allin


Orange Cassidy is out with the Best Friends to the biggest pop of the night so far. This is absolutely nuts from the opening bell. Pentagon Jr. went to do his “Cero Miedo” taunt but Angelico stopped him and said they were the “A Team” and would show the Lucha Bros how it’s done. Good luck with that. Lots of superkicks early leading to a wild brawl. Eventually the ref gets things under control and the Best Friends start hammering Jack Evans with double-team moves, one after another. They look to fly but the Lucha Bros catch them with superkicks to cut it off. Orange Cassidy casually walks over and stands right in the middle of all the chaos, and gets decked by Angelico. Private Party hit Angelico with the craziest Tornado DDT that I have ever seen. Bodies start flying again leading to the Lucha Bros doing topes into all six guys. Cassidy gets his revenge with a big dive, hands still in his pockets, taking out everyone again. As they start winding down (ramping up?) to the finish, Fenix somehow runs across the top rope and kicks Chuck in the head, followed by the Penta Driver from his brother to seal the deal. Fenix did another tope suicida just to make sure nobody could make the save.

Winners: Lucha Brothers & The Hybrid 2


Baker takes Ford to the mat to get things going but a distraction from Priestley allowed them to take down the doctor with an STO combo. She rallies back with a handspring back elbow and tags in Allie, who fires off with chops and a clothesline in the ropes, but she makes the mistake of playing to the fans and Priestley kicks her in the face. The heels work her over with quick tags for a few minutes, and knock Baker off the apron to stop the tag at one point. Allie and Ford collide in the middle of the ring – both women down. Hot tags are made and Baker starts trading chops and elbow strikes with Priestley before taking her down with a running lariat. A swinging Fisherman’s neckbreaker hits, but it’s not enough. She follows with a butterfly suplex right into a roll-up from Allie, who made the tag in the midst of it, but Bea broke it up just in time. Things break down into a 4-way brawl and Allie hits a Jawbreaker as the ref tries to get control back. Baker applies the Rings of Saturn to Ford and starts wrenching her jaw open – BRUTAL – and gets the submission.

Winner: Allie & Britt Baker

Tony Schiavone welcomes us back to the Control Center to run down the tag team tournament. He also announces the main event for this week’s AEW Dynamite as Chris Jericho and Sammy Geuvara will take on Dustin Rhodes and Hangman Page.


Marko tries to put Christopher Daniels in a headlock but he can’t even reach the dude’s head. Instead he takes him down with a series of snap armdrags, then stomps on his back. Jungle Boy tags in but runs into a springboard leg lariat from Kazarian. Luchasaurus chops Daniels down with one thunderous hand, and that’s all he has to do as he quickly tags in Marko, who does a ridiculous double team move with Jungle Boy that I could not even begin to describe. He basically powerbombed his own partner on top of Daniels while also dropping a leg. Sky tags in and Marko literally just bounces off his chest, crashing to the mat. Hilarious. Luchasuarus tags in and goes face-to-face with him, but Kaz attacks from behind and the two work together to take the big man down. Lucha rallies back and starts cleaning house on his own, complete with a standing moonsault. Jungle Boy tagged in and threw Marko into a 619 on Daniels. Stunt with a running Shooting Star but it barely has an effect. Things totally break down with bodies flying everywhere. Lucha gets tossed outside and SCU sets up for the Best Meltzer Driver Ever, but Jungle Boy rolled up Kaz for a nearfall. Kaz and Sky hit him with a double powerbomb/backstabber combo. That’ll do it.

Winners: SoCal Uncensored