AEW Dynamite Results | Moxley’s Answer, Rhodes vs Lucha Bros, Women’s Title Match & More


JANUARY 8, 2020


“Hangman” Adam Page and Marq Quen start the match and we get a collar & elbow tie up, but Page quickly asserts his power. He slams Quen down to the mat and then Quen pops up and Page goes for a boot, but Quen just avoids it. Quen instead hits Page with a dropkick moonsault, sending him into this opposing corner.

Quen tags in Isaah Cassidy, who hits page with a series of chops before tagging in Quen. Quen hits Page with an atomic drop and Cassidy follows it up with a step up Enziguri. Quen tags in Cassidy once again and they send Page off the ropes. Page knocks down Cassidy and then suplexes Quen right On top of Cassidy!

Page tags in Kenny Omega, and Kenny & Page deliver chops back and forth to Cassidy before Page picks up Cassidy to hit him with a back breaker. Kenny tags in Hangman once again, and Page delivers a knee to Cassidy, sending him crashing and burning before rushing to Quen and knocking him off the apron.

Page tags in Kenny and they send Cassidy towards the ropes, but Cassidy goes under the ropes and lands on the apron. Page goes after him, but Cassidy gets the low bridge. He looks to springboard on Omega, but Omega counters with a chop. Omega tries to bring him back in, but Cassidy counters with a flatliner before tagging in Marq Quen!

Quen comes in and he knocks both Page and Omega to the outside and he does his high flying antics, taking out both Omega & Page! Quen brings in Page and Quen goes to the top, jumping off the ropes and nailing Page with a stellar 450 splash! He goes for the cover……1…..2…no!

Quen tags in Cassidy, who nails Hangman with a standing Spanish Fly, then goes for the cover, but Omega breaks up the three count. Cassidy goes to the apron and tries to springboard at Page, but Page crushes Cassidy with a boot to the face. Quen tries to springboard himself, but Page catches him and delivers a fall away slam!

Page tags in Omega and the two start to deliver tandem offense of their own, leaving Private Party dazed and confused. Omega sets up for a V-Trigger on Cassidy, but Quen rushes him! Kenny ducks and nails Quen with his snap dragon suplex! Kenny sends Cassidy over the ropes but Quen is able to get up and work with Cassidy to hit Omega with the Silly String! Hangman leaps in to hit Quen with the Buckshot lariat, but he ducks and nearly hits Omega, but JUST stops himself short! Quen tries to kick Kenny, but Kenny catches the kick and flips him back, but it gets an inadvertent kick to the head of Page! Kenny looks confused but blocks a hit and hits a V-Trigger on Quen! Page follows it up with a Buckshot lariat on Quen and then Omega hits the 1-Winged Angel to pick up the victory!

Winners: Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page

After the match, we cut to backstage, where Pac is assaulting Michael Nakazawa once again! Pac yells and says this is thanks to Kenny and if he wants this to stop, give him what he wants: his rubber match. Kenny runs to the back.

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