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AEW Dynamite Beach Break Results: Massive 6-Man Tag, Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa, Wedding Ceremony For Kip & Penelope



aew dynamite results

It’s Wednesday night… and you know what that means! 

Welcome to’s live coverage of AEW Dynamite! Results provided by @dougEwrestling. Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

FEBRUARY 3, 2021



Lots of chaos here to start, but of course we start with the Young Bucks diving on everyone. We get a super kick party right after. We get the Good Brothers coming out and beating on some of the eliminations, which distracts the Young Bucks…which allows MJF to eliminate them! We end up with 6 guys left and half of them are from the Inner Circle – MJF, Sammy Guevara, & Chris Jericho! MJF gets eliminated next and then we are left with Sammy Guevara, Chris Jericho and Darius Martin. Darius Martin pokes Jericho in the eyes, but Jericho, blinded eliminates someone –and it’s Sammy Guevara! Jericho looks confused and then Darius Martin comes at him, but Jericho is able to back body drop him over the ropes to win the match for his team.

Winners: MJF & Chris Jericho


Rosa runs to the ring and goes after Rebel! She dumps her over the ropes and out of the ring and Britt uses this to try to lock in the Lock Jaw. Rosa gets out and tries for a quick pin attempt, but Britt gets out. Rosa puts Britt in the corner and she hits Britt with a few chops before taking her and slamming her head into the other corner.

Britt comes back with a strike to the midsection and then an arm drag in the middle of the ring. She maintains wrist control and then puts on a rear chin lock on Rosa. Rosa gets up and puts Britt in the corner again and then follows it up with a dropkick into the corner. Britt falls to the mat and Rosa starts to pummel Baker. She picks her up and puts her in the corner again, and this time goes for a splash, but Britt moves out of the way. She drags Rosa into the corner and drivers her shoulder into the post. They get to the outside and Rosa reverses an Irish whip, sending Britt into the barricade.

Rosa throws Britt back into the ring and tries for a Thunder Driver, but Britt reverses and turns it into her own Air Raid Crash! She goes for the cover, but Rosa kicks out at two! She gets the glove from Rebel, and then tries to employ the Lock Jaw, but Rosa is able to immediately get to the bottom rope! Britt gets up and immediately hits a Curb Stomp on Rosa. She tries for the Lock Jaw again, but Rosa turns it into a pin attempt! Each woman tries to keep coming back with a pin attempt and the Lock Jaw.

Rebel comes in and removes the Turnbuckle pad, causing Rosa to release her momentum. Rosa gets up and chases Rebel out of the ring, which allows Britt to drop Rosa face first into the turnbuckle, knocking her out! For good measure, she puts in the Lock Jaw! The Referee sees she is no longer able to respond, and awards Britt the victory.

Winner: Britt Baker


Tony Khan Discusses WWE NXT Possibly Moving Dates & Sunday PPV Events



Tony Khan

Tony Khan recently gave his opinion on WWE NXT potentially moving nights and the future of AEW PPV dates in the future.

It has been heavily rumored recently that WWE NXT could be moving away from Wednesday nights in the near future, looking to run on Tuesdays to run unopposed. Tony Khan recently spoke with Forbes contributor Alfred Konuwa about that possibly happening.

“I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not, but it would be great to be unopposed and I’d love to have an unopposed audience. When we have, we’ve done some really good numbers and I think that would be awesome.”

Tonight will see AEW’s latest PPV offering take place, with Revolution, and he spoke about whether or not the company will continue using Sunday’s moving forwards.

“On the three-day holidays, I think it’s good. I actually would argue that for Double or Nothing or All Out, a large percentage of the country is going to have Monday off, and in England those are bank holidays so a large percentage of England, people aren’t really working very much. Most people have Labor Day and Memorial Day off here and abroad.

“Double or Nothing, I am strongly considering going to Sunday. All Out I really think it would be really smart to do Sunday because then I don’t compete with College Football and the NFL won’t be going head-to-head. Full Gear I will keep on a Saturday. Revolution and Full Gear, whenever possible, I will do on a Saturday.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription)

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Shaq Discusses His AEW Dynamite Appearance & How He Got Motivated



Shaq has spoken about his appearance on AEW Dynamite and why he got motivated to get in good physical condition.

Shaq appeared on Access to discuss why he decided to dress the way he did, opting for sweatpants and a tank top rather than traditional wrestling gear.

“Look, Cody challenged me to a fight, I’m showing up in fight clothes, sweatpants and a tank top. I respect him, I respect his family, I respect all the wrestlers, what they’ve done. I don’t want to come in with a gimmicky costume. This man challenged me to a fight. I’m showing up like it’s going to be a fight. So I’m just going to wear sweatpants and a tank top.”

Shaq looked in great shape when he appeared on Dynamite, and he revealed that it was because of Mario Lopez that he got in such great physical shape.

“Guess who motivated me? One day I was looking on the internet and I’d seen my good friend Mario Lopez take his shirt off and I got jealous because we used to hang out back in the day. We used to look similar and now you’re killing me, so I wanted to say thank you for motivating me. You look fabulous. I want to say I’m proud of you. But I’ll be ready tonight, March 3rd, I’ll be ready.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

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The Young Bucks Admit They Thought Paul Wight Was A Lifetime WWE Guy



Young Bucks AEW

The Young Bucks recently spoke about AEW signing Paul Wight, revealing how Tony Khan broke the news to them.

The signing of Wight (fka The Big Show) is something that took the wrestling world by surprise. Wight had been a very loyal WWE Superstar, and even The Young Bucks admitted they were shocked as they told Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports.

“So, Tony, I want to say it was about a month ago, he wanted to tell us something. He gathered us up with Kenny, he’s like, ‘hey, what do you guys think of signing the Big Show?’ We’re like, ‘what?’ Our reaction was like, ‘really, I thought he would be a lifetime WWE guy.’ He said, ‘well, he wants to come and play,’ so we’re like, ‘let’s do it.’ So that was pretty much how it all went.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

Wight has signed a long-term deal with the company and he will be working as a commentator for the company for AEW’s new show, AEW Dark: Elevation.

Wight will also be appearing at AEW Revolution tonight where he will be introducing a “Hall Of Fame level” new signing. Meanwhile, The Young Bucks will be defending their Tag Team Championships agasint Chris Jericho and MJF.


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