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AEW Dynamite Results (1/20): The Inner Circle’s Inner Battle, Young Bucks Confront Don Callis



aew dynamite results

It’s Wednesday night… and you know what that means! 

Welcome to’s live coverage of AEW Dynamite! Results provided by @dougEwrestling. Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Coverage begins at 8/7C!

JANURAY 20, 2021


We start with the entire Dark Order on the stage and -1 is on there on 10’s shoulder’s! They’re decorating a cake for him and lighting the candles. John Silver gets on the mic and asks the crowd to sing happy birthday to Brodie! The Dark Order signs with the crowd and they give him a round of applause.

But out comes Luther and Serpentico and he starts to give crap to -1 for calling him stupid. He tells him that he looks stupid and he’s a doofus. The Chaos Project doesn’t like children or the Dark Order. They are going to ruin his birthday he says and the Dark Order starts to attack him. Out comes Th2 to even the odds, but then Hangman Page comes out and dives onto everyone. I guess we’re starting the match?


John Silver is in the ring and he’s getting the best of Serpentico. Silver tags in Hangman Page who. comes in with some clotheslines and then crushes Jack Evans with a spine buster. The match spills with everyone to the outside and Hangman gets up top and hits moonsault onto everyone. More chaos and Colt Cabana puts Luther through the table face first into the cake.

Back in the ring, Page hits Serpentico with a Buckshot Lariat and Alex Reynolds gets the pin for the victory.

Winners: The Dark Order and Hangman Page

After the match, -1 gets on the mic and he tells them that his birthday was 3 days ago and then he hits Serpentico with a kendo stick shot to the head. He grabs some papers and throws them in his face!

In the ring, John Silver asks Hangman Page if he will join the Dark Order. Hangman says he can’t, and he’s done the group thing before and he can’t. He grabs a beer and leaves.

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AEW Officially Signs DARK Staple “The Captain” Shawn Dean



Shawn Dean AEW

AEW President Tony Khan has officially announced the signing of “The Captain” Shawn Dean, a military veteran who has become a staple of the AEW DARK brand over the past year.

Dean worked his first match for the promotion in March 2020 and is one of the many independent stars who helped fill out the roster early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. He wrestled 26 matches for All Elite Wrestling last year alone, and more recently has been teaming with Marine combat veteran Carlie Bravo, a graduate of the Nightmare Academy.

“Thank you for your service to the USA and thank you for everything you’ve done for AEW to help us thrive through the pandemic,” Tony Khan tweeted on Friday. “Your consistent hard work, positivity and reliability have made you so valuable to AEW; now it’s my honor to officially welcome you aboard!”

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Chris Jericho Reveals He Is Going To Be A Commentator On A New AEW Show



Chris Jericho

AEW’s Chris Jericho has revealed he is going to be a commentator on a new upcoming show for the company in the near future.

The former AEW World Champion spoke on the latest episode of Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker about his opportunities on commentary, and Jericho spoke about how he’s been enjoying that side of things.

“I love it, and once again, this all came from necessity when we had 29% of our roster, Tony Khan knows that figure to the T, available for the tapings that we did that took up our month of April,” Jericho recalled. “And I just said, ‘Well, I’ll show up there and just do commentary. That way we don’t have to worry about storylines. We don’t have anybody here anyways,’ and so [Tony] Schiavone and I did it. We did 25 matches in a day, and we had a great time. And I think all of us kind of realized that we stumbled on to something pretty special.

“So I’ve never been the type of guy that wants to go behind the scenes after wrestling. I’m behind the scenes enough as it is as far as ideas and storylines and advice. I’ll always do it, but commentary could be a way to stay on the show when the wrestling days are done. It’s been 30 years. I still feel great. I still have the potential to have the best match on the show or one of them, and I think it happens all the time. Not every week but look at the guys we have on the show. So as long as I feel I can still work up to the level that I’ve set for myself, I’ll continue to wrestle, but it’s great to know that there’s still that commentary side of things that we can do.”

Jericho then revealed that there is a new show starting soon, and he is going to be one of the regular commentators for that. It’s unclear whether this is AEW Dark: Evolution, which will feature Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight on commentary, or another brand new show on top of that.

“And there’s actually another show that’s going to be starting very soon where I’m going to be one of the regular commentators, and that’s exciting. Once again, the more things you can do well in the entertainment business, the more valuable you are, and this is just another kind of feather in the Chris Jericho cap that I can utilize whenever they need me to utilize it.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

Jericho will be in action this Sunday at AEW Revolution when he and MJF team up to challenge The Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

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Tony Khan Confirms Knee Injury To One Half Of ‘The Acclaimed’ Anthony Bowens



Tony Khan

On the latest episode of AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, Tony Khan revealed that Anthony Bowens is out of action with an injury.

During the 3/3 edition of AEW Dynamite, Max Caster beat 10 in order to secure his place in the Face Of The Revolution ladder match at the upcoming AEW Revolution PPV this Sunday. However, his tag team partner, Anthony Bowens did not appear by his side.

During the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Tony Khan was a guest to discuss the upcoming PPV, and he revealed that Bowens is currently out with a knee injury. He didn’t provide any further details about the injury, or when he should be expected to return.

Bowens last competed on the February 4th episode of AEW Dynamite, where The Acclaimed were beaten by MJF and Chris Jericho.

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