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OCTOBER 16, 2019

SO CAL UNCENSORED(Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) vs. BEST FRIENDS

Before the match can start, SCU is mugged by the Lucha Brothers! Fenix drives Frankie Kazarian into the ring post while Pentagon Jr. delivers a sickening package piledriver to Christopher Daniels on the steel ramp! Rey Fenix looks to deliver the same maneuver onto Frankie Kazarian, but Scorpio Sky comes out to chase them off!

Christopher Daniels is immediately attended to by the officials and then the Young Bucks come out to check on Daniels. Daniels is stretchered out and Sky is HEATED. He is in street clothes, but he tells the referee that he is going take Daniels’ place.

The Best Friends come out, and they get the early advantage on Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian. The match makes its way quickly to the outside and then Chuck Taylor sends Kazarian into Trent and Trent spears Kaz.

Scorpio Sky comes in and he comes in on fire. He stomps on Chuck Taylor and then sends Trent to the outside! Scorpio Sky looks to go flying outside onto Trent, but Taylor pulls him down and he goes crashing to the outside. Chuck Taylor is looking to steal from Sky as he looks to fly to the outside onto Sky, but Sky pulls Trent in the way and Taylor goes crashing into his own partner! Sky isn’t done yet and he runs back to the inside as he goes up and over, flying onto both Trent & Taylor.

Sky tags in Frankie Kazarian now, and Kazarian hits some right hands on Trent. Taylor is back on his corner apron, and he blind tags in, and he is able to take out Kazarian and delivers the Sexy Chuckie Knee on Kazarian. They look to hug, but they’re interrupted by Sky, but Sky is thrown out of the ring and the two end up embracing!

Trent brings Kazarian to the apron and tries to deliver a piledriver onto the apron, but Sky pulls Kazarian down and he back body drops Trent onto the apron. Sky proceeds to take Chuck Taylor and send him into the apron! Back in the ring, Kazarian picks up Trent and he delivers a power bomb/dropkick combo with Sky onto Trent. Kazarian goes for the pin, and picks up the victory.

Winners: SCU

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