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DECEMBER 4, 2019

THE YOUNG BUCKS & DUSTIN vs. THE INNER CIRCLE (Sammy Guevara & Proud and Powerful)

Sammy Guevara starts the match with Dustin Rhodes and we gets some back and forth before Dustin is able to arm drag takedown Sammy. Dustin tags in Nick Jackson and Nick hits a high dropkick on Sammy. Proud and powerful come in and they attack Dustin, while Nick works on Sammy in opposite corners. Santana & Ortiz send Dustin to the center while Nick sends Sammy to the middle and Dustin clotheslines the face off of Sammy. Matt and Nick in the ring now and they superkick the hell out of Sammy while sending Santana & Ortiz to the outside. Nick and Matt go up and over onto Santana & Ortiz.

All the men come in the ring and Dustin power slams Santana and then he powerslams Ortiz! Sammy comes at him and Dustin tells him let him catch his breath…Sammy runs off the ropes and he hits Sammy with a HUGE powerslam as well! He goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody on everyone! Dustin picks up Santana and nails him with a DESTROYER!!! He proceeds to put him in the corner for the Unnatural Kick, but the referee stops him, which allows for Ortiz to come in and use the distraction to hit Dustin with the sock full of baseballs! They slam him to the mat, and Sammy Guevara goes up top and nails Dustin with a 630! He goes for the cover, but Dustin kicks out RIGHT BEFORE 3!!!

The match breaks down quick and gets insane. We get the Bucks flying, Sammy flying, even Santana flying. The match ends up back in the ring and Sammy is gloating once again with his phone, looking to hit a shooting star on Dustin, but the Young Bucks counter with super kicks! Dustin and Matt pick up Santana & Ortiz in piledriver position as Nick does a top rope assisted driver along with landing on Sammy Guevara! He goes for the cover and picks up the victory in this insane match!

Winners: The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes

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