AEW Dynamite Results



Fenix gets the quick advantage and tries to send Trent into the corner. Trent counters and gets to the 2nd rope, but Fenix sweeps Trent’s legs and Trent hits the turnbuckle hard and then crashes to the mat.The match makes itself to the outside and Fenix drives Trent into the barricade, but Trent runs back at Fenix and spears Fenix HARD on the outside.

Back on the inside, Trent brings Fenix into the corner and delivers a nice tornado DDT. Both men up and Trent jumps up to deliver a hurricanrana but Fenix counters with a power bomb! Fenix goes for a cover, but Trent kicks out. Fenix puts Trent on the ropes and tightrope walks to hit Trent with a knee! The match makes its way to the apron and the two start to deliver chops back and forth. Fenix nails a kick, then springboards to the 2nd rope then off the top to nail Trent with a stomp to the back, driving him down to the apron.

Back in the ring, Fenix delivers a rolling cutter to Trent. Trent stumbles to the corner and Fenix hits a springboard spinning kick, then follows it up with a spinning muscle buster to pick up the victory!!

Winner: Rey Fenix

After this match, the two men get in a shoving match and then start to trade haymakers! Chuck Taylor has to separate them, but Trent still runs after Fenix and clotheslines him to the mat.


Cody is in the ring with Tony Schiavone to talk about the Butcher & The Blade and everything with MJF. Cody says that his scar is a reminder of his failure. Part of that failure is never being able to challenge for the AEW championship ever again. Last week, he found himself laying in the middle of the ring with no one there to help him. His brother is in a blood feud with the Inner Circle, his wife is fully focused on cutting off the hair of defenseless women, and his former best friend kicked him square in the balls.

He says that he hand picked Max, because he looked past the fact that he carried around a fake scarf, that he was short, and the fact that he is a bush league Chris Jericho. He knew he was a bad guy, but he was HIS bad guy. He says that MJF says that he will never wrestle him, but he HAS to wrestle him. So what will it take? He offers him his truck, his shoes, his expensive watch…even cold hard cash. Justin Roberts brings a briefcase with $50,000 to the ring and even gives $100 out of there to a random kid in the crowd! He says that all he has to do is name his price.

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